If you notice your climbing shoe rubber sole wears out through rand, the sole recedes, and holes appear, this is the ideal time to resole them. Usually, new climbing shoes last for 3 to 9 months without needing resoling, but when signs of damage appear, fix them as soon as possible.

In this guide, we have elaborated on the signs when you should resolve your climbing shoes, how to resole them, and answered other important queries. Read out to learn more.

When Should I Resole My Climbing Shoes?

When Should I Resole My Climbing Shoes

The best climbing shoes are those with better soles to make climbing easy. When the rubber separating the rand and sole starts to get thin, the sole of your shoe starts to recede. Here are a few signs you must notice to know when to resole climbing shoes:

Loose Sole

A loose sole but intact rand and shoe tip can also cause problems, but the solution is simple. You can fix it with glue but need a better solution for a receded sole.

Dipped Area Between Sole & Rand Near The Toe

When the rand rubber of your climbing shoe is intact but the area between the rand and sole start to dip near the big toe, know that this is the time to resole it. In this condition, your shoe will also lose its strong grip.

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Holes In The Tip of The Shoe

Getting holes in the shoe tip is a serious problem; the situation can worsen if ignored for a long.  If a small hole has appeared, get the rand repaired, but for a larger hole resoling might not help, and you will need to buy a new pair of shoes.

Stop climbing with these shoes and get them resoled when you notice these signs.

Holes In The Tip of The Shoe

Important Terms

Resoling: Resoling is a process in which the torn rubber sole of the shoes is replaced with a new rubber sole.

Rand: It is a thin layer of rubber covering the shoes' upper area and the beneath's sole.

Sole: The 3 to 7 mm layer of rubber beneath the rand is called the sole.

When Is It Too Late To Resole Climbing Shoes?

Having larger holes in the shoe, worn-out rubber soles, and rand means your climbing shoes are too far gone, and instead of resoling them, you must buy a new pair.

Resoling climbing shoes too early means the original high-quality rubber will be wasted. However, being too late will cause more damage and need extra money for repair. So, knowing the exact time to resole the climbing shoes is crucial to avoid any trouble.

Climbing using these shoes when no sole is left, you will experience poor performance by damaging the structural elements of your shoe.

Why Should You Resole The Climbing Shoes?

It is disappointing to see even the tiniest hole in a climbing shoe which make you hassle about fixing the issue, throwing the old shoe in the trash, or buying the new one.

Why Should You Resole The Climbing Shoes

Here are a few important reasons you must know about why resoling is essential for climbing shoes:

  • Instead of buying new shoes, it is good to resole the old pair to save money. Depending on your shoe condition and the price of a new shoe, you can save $25 to $100 or more by resoling them.
  • If these shoes are your favorite, you may not want to leave them in the closet forever because of a tiny hole. Just get a new sole or fix the hole to reuse your shoes.
  • You can save yourself from breaking into a new pair of shoes that can cause toe-pinching pain. Most climbers prefer resoling instead of buying new shoes.
  • Why waste a whole pair of shoes just because of a pin-sized hole in the rubber? It will be a waste if the damage is small and you throw away your shoes.

How Much Does It Cost To Resole A Climbing Shoe?

The cost of a standard resole varies in different countries; in some places, it costs around $40 to $50. If you need extra repair for rand, you will need to pay an additional $5 to $10. The other charges on re-gluing, stitching holes, rubber material, repairing pull straps, and postage can cost more.

However, the average resoling cost can be between $40 to $140.

Whenever you get your shoe resoled, choose a stiffer rubber for edges to increase durability and soft rubber for smearing.

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How to Take Care of Climbing Shoes?

Taking care of your climbing shoes will prevent them from any damage and also provide more comfort to your feet. Here are a few tips you must consider to keep your shoes intact for a long run:

  • The excessive and aggressive use of climbing shoes makes them lose performance. So you must use them properly.
  • Protect your climbing shoes from direct sunlight when sitting outside. This will melt glue and warp the shape.
  • Leave them for drying after use to avoid bacterial build-up.
  • Clean and store them properly.
  • Resole your shoes to get benefits such as preventing their waste, saving money, and avoiding break-in periods with new shoes.
  • Do not drag your feet when walking along the wall. Though dragging your feet or bouncing up moves helps you to break into new shoes, this technique will make them useless.
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Should I Resole My Climbing Shoes Or Buy New Ones?

Resoling climbing shoes is a cheaper and better solution. On the other hand, you will spend extra money on buying a new shoe. The small holes and minor issues require a simple solution which you can easily do.

How Many Times Can I Resole My Climbing Shoes?

On average, you can resole your climbing shoes 5 to 6 times. It depends on their condition, and you can resole them anytime you notice signs of weaning out. It is better to go for 1 to 3 resoles and 1 rand repair before your shoes lose shape.

Does Resoling Shoes Make Them More Comfortable?

Usually, the climbing shoe last between 3 to 9 or 12 months, depending on their quality and frequency of usage. However, resoling improves their performance, making them last longer. You can resole them more than once to increase their lifespan.

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Wrapping Up

If you climb wearing moderate to expensive shoes, resoling will save you money and increase comfortability. However, if your shoes are worn out, resoling might not help to a great extent.

Treating your climbing shoes kindly will surely maximize their lifespan, and resole will give them a second chance.

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