Because if you wear unclean clothes for a while, they may begin to smell and cause you to sweat.

Do you own a pair of Hoka shoes that require thorough cleaning, but you are hesitant to wash them out of concern that they may get damaged?

Don't worry. This article will show you how to wash Hoka shoes.

How Can You Clean Hoka Shoes?

Hoka Shoe cleaning is a difficult process. To avoid damaging your shoes, you must know how to clean them correctly.

Many cleaning methods for Hoka Shoes are available online, but none are useful.

We want to provide a few alternative cleaning methods for Hoka shoes.

Hoka Shoes Cleaning Without Chemicals

Many individuals refrain from using chemicals because they believe they can ruin their shoes' material. Do you fall under this category?

If so, this straightforward tutorial is for you. You may learn about a simple, chemical-free method of cleaning Hoka shoes here. So let's go through the next few stages again.

STEP 1: Pour Vinegar Into A Bucket With The Shoes

This process is easy. Place the footwear in a bucket of vinegar. Although it may seem ridiculous, it works quite effectively. The material on the shoe will disintegrate and degrade due to the vinegar. After that, simply wash it off in the bucket.

Step 2: Use A Soap-And-Water Wash To Clean Your Shoe

The sneakers will be entirely clean after a week or two. However, cleaning the shoes in soap and water will speed up the process (not detergent). Put them through a spin cycle in the washing machine.

STEP 3: Use An Old Towel To Dry Them.

Use an old towel to dry Hoka shoes. Once they are dried, you can hang the towel or dispose of them.

How To Wash Hoka Shoes?

It is crucial to be aware that using the washer and dryer might damage or prematurely age your Hoka shoes and that you cannot wash your shoes in them.

The best cleaning solution for these sneakers is something you may find in your house.

Clean the debris

You must first remove the hardened mud and filth from your Hoka shoes before you can scrub them clean. You can do this successfully by wiping it down with paper towels or a washcloth until no more filth is visible.

Furthermore, cleaning the insoles of your shoes or boots is crucial. Take a scrub brush or other cleaning tool, some cold water, and finish the cleaning operation in no time.

Add Cleaning Agent

Add Cleaning Agent

After adding a few drops of your cleaning solution to a bowl of water, use a toothbrush to scrape all the remaining dirt and grime until thick foam forms, and the exterior and inside of the shoe are clean.

To keep things simple, you can scrape away debris with warm water and light soap.

Remove Residues

Use a dry washcloth to remove excess dirt and water once the shoe is clean and clear of debris.

Air Dry Overnight

The safest way to dry a pair of Hoka shoes is to leave them outside for a few hours indoors and let them dry on their own. The materials can be twisted and mellowed using a blow dryer or fabric dryer. You may also put paper balls inside the shoes to hasten the drying process.

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White shoes add beauty to your lifestyle. You can match it with anything that you wear. But, after some time it seems to turn yellow due to dirt, sun, or other reasons.

Additional Hoka Shoe Cleaning Techniques

Use a Wet Wipe:

Use a wet wipe or a damp cloth as your initial cleaning tool for your shoes. Without a wet towel, drying the shoes may damage them.

Utilizing Vinegar

Vinegar is a fantastic cleaning solution. To be able to clean your shoes, you must ensure that the vinegar is of the proper strength. The pH range of vinegar is 0 to 2. A pH of 2 is acidic, whereas a pH of 0 is neutral.

Bleach and dish soap

Bleach and dish soap

To clean your shoes, use bleach and dish soap. You must begin with a 1:1 combination to ensure you don't use too much because you want the dish soap to remove the stains while disinfecting surfaces. Although bleach alone will work, it won't be as efficient.

Hot Water

You can clean your shoes with warm water. Your shoe will develop a hole due to the material being destroyed by hot water. You must thus use warm water.



Toothpaste is an excellent cleaning solution. The toothpaste will absorb all the mud and stains from your shoes and then clean them with water. Never clean your shoes with soap since it will make them excessively sticky.

How To Extend The Life Of Your Hoka Shoes

Because we don't know what to look for, many of us continue to use shoes well past their "expiration" date!

It is advised to replace shoes every 8-12 months and every 500-700 kilometers for Hoka shoes.

If you are concerned that your Hoka sneakers won't be able to withstand the conditions they are put in, here are some tips to make them endure.

  • Water-resistant sprays
  • Spray deodorizers or baking soda
  • After usage, untie the laces and tongue, then place the shoes with the soles up in a dry place.
  • Run never, ever in damp shoes (whether wet from a previous run or a recent cleaning)

Taking appropriate care of your shoes can help to extend their lifespan and ensure that you enjoy a superb pair for a very long time.


Hoka footwear is well-known around the world for its superior quality. Hoka shoes are made to be used for athletic and sporting events as well as for everyday wear in public.

They contain rubber soles, which are not intended to be removed and cleaned. They are typically quite challenging to clean.

However, following the above instructions, you may quickly clean the Hoka shoes and keep them in use for a long time.

So be sure to try them all and choose the one that produces the best outcomes.

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