There are many ways through which we can turn yellow shoes into white shoes. When you leave your shoes for too long in the sun, they can turn yellow or dingy gray.

yellow shoes into white shoes

We will discuss several ways in this article by which we can bring yellow shoes to white life. First, you have to learn the cause of yellowing.

Why do our white shoes turn yellow?

White shoes are in fashion. These are pieces of diamond for your look. Sunlight is one of the main reasons that turn your sole yellow, which contains ultraviolet radiation. After long exposure to the sun, your shoes fade to yellow. It happens because of the chemical reaction of shoe paint. The other reason is stains on your shoes that are not removed after washing or cleaning. It keeps on accumulating for a long time.

Some of the shoes are washable in the machine, but not all. For that, you must learn tips and tricks to regain white shoes. Let's discuss it below:

Tips to fix Yellow Shoes into White Again:

Use toothpaste for cleaning shoes

Use toothpaste for cleaning shoes

The prolonged stain that does not go off after washing is the main cause of yellow shoes. These kinds of stain marks are impossible to remove, but toothpaste can cause magic to them. Peroxide in toothpaste contains bleaching agents. It is eventually used to remove the dyes from clothes and shoes.

Put some toothpaste on the stain you want to remove and ensure your shoe is wet. Please take out a toothbrush to brush the stain until it is clean. You have to brush properly so that no stain is left behind. After that, wipe off the toothpaste with water. Let the shoes dry in some windy areas.

Mix hand wash and baking soda:

Mix hand wash and baking soda

Hand washing cleans your hand from dirt, oil, and grease. It can also cause magic by mixing it with baking soda.

Take a bowl and add a tablespoon of baking soda and one tablespoon of hand wash. Apply this stain to the mark of the dyes. After that, please take out a brush or cloth to rub this paste on the stain to clean it. Leave the shoes under the sun so that paste can soak on them.

When it dried, wash it with clean water. You will get bright white shoes.

Use cream bleach to clean the shoe:

Bleach is used to whiten anything. You can also trace this product in a beauty store. With the help of its bleaching properties, it can remove stains from your shoes.

Make a mixture using 1 part of water and four parts of bleaching cream. And then, use it on the affected area and scrub it using old toothpaste. After that, rinse it with clean water and let it dry overnight. You will have the white shoes back.

Use white vinegar to make your shoes white:

This chemical ingredient will do wonders to your yellow shoes.

Make a solution by adding an equal amount of water and white vinegar. Dip your shoes in it for at least 30-45 minutes. After that, rub that area of your shoes with the help of your finger or brush. Let it dry after that, and you can wear it.

Use lemon water for cleaning:

Lemon is known as a bleaching agent. The citric acid in it removes stains.

Use lemon water for cleaning

Cut a lemon into the halves and squeeze some drops into the stain. Leave it for 15 minutes. Check out by cleaning it with water; if the stain does not remove, you can repeat the process. After the second application, you will get the results.

Alcohol for cleaning shoes:

Alcohol is very effective in cleaning stains. It is a household chemical used for cleaning products in the house.

Alcohol for cleaning shoes

It is very easy to put some drops of alcohol on stains. Let it dry and after that, rub it with the help of a brush or sponge. Use a clean towel or cloth for washing the shoes. Left, the sneakers for air drying. Could you keep it away from sun exposure?

Magic yellow shoe cleaner:

There is a variety of shoe cleaners available in the market. Some of them are specifically made with the formula of whitening yellow shoes. Some of the whiteners recommend wrapping up the shoe in a plastic bag overnight by applying whitener to it.

Get the best cleaner by reading the instruction on it. One of the best cleaners is "Kiwi white shoe cleaner." It comes up with the ready mix solution with a sponge applicator. You have to squeeze the solution out of that sponge on the shoe.

Vigorously scrub the sponge on stains and let it dry in a windy area, not in the sun. Direct exposure to the sun can lighten the stains, not turn them white.

For further help, you can also watch in this video “More methods to remove the stains”:

How to Take care of white shoes

White is a pure color, so you must take care of it properly. So keep it new by taking good care of it. Now we will discuss the ways of their care from getting yellow:

Keep white shoes away from the mud.

Nobody put their favorite shoe in dust or dirt. It happens because of a sudden plan or sudden rain. Try to avoid going to places that are dirty or don't wear white shoes while going in dusty areas.

Clean your shoes immediately after coming back home

Some stains get sticky after a long time. So you have to clean your shoes after coming back home daily. So that no stain stays on it, it causes yellowing of shoes. Keep your shoes in a closet.

Clean your shoes immediately after coming back home


How to turn yellow shoes into brand new shoes?

You can get your white shoes back by following simple DIY at home. Dip your shoes into a mixture of white vinegar and water for 15 minutes.

Does baking soda help in the whitening of shoes?

Yes, it helps in the whitening of yellow shoes. You must paste one tablespoon of water and one tablespoon of baking soda. Apply it to the yellow part by scrubbing it with a brush. You will get the desired result.

Can we get stain-free shoes by washing them in the machine?

Not every shoe is washable. You have to read the instruction given along with the shoes.

Does white magic eraser help in whitening?

It does help in whitening. Get the best product to have a good result. Kiwi professional whiter is one of the best.

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Bottom line

White shoes are the weakness of all sneaker lovers. You have to take care of that by cleaning dirt with a soft brush daily. Yellowing any white thing is normal, whether it is cloth or shoes.

But you have to learn methods to turn it to white again so you can use it for a long time. After reading this article, you can turn the yellow sole to white again.

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