Inflating your mattress without a pump is easy with creative DIY tricks. It is possible only when you know how to inflate an air mattress without a pump.

I've listed down some easily compatible ways to blow up your bed. Let's explore all the tricks! You may also like to visit the guide about the average ape index.

How to Inflate an Air Mattress Without a Pump? - DIY Solutions

Sometimes you take an air mattress while setting out camping but forget the air pump. It is common, and you can use alternative techniques to blow up your bed.

Here are creative inflation alternatives for your mattress. You can pick any of these methods accordingly.

Using a Hair Dryer

Using Hair Dryer

If you forget your air pump or it has broken, a hair dryer can work for you. You can inflate the mattress with a simple procedure, follow these steps.

  • Put the hair dryer nozzle on the valve opening of the mattress.
  • Turn the blower ON.
  • You may pinch the two-way valve opening to ensure the air blows inwardly.
  • Blow maximum air according to the capacity of your mattress.
  • Remove the blower and enjoy a comfortable sleep.  

Note: Please ensure that your hair dryer is set to cold mode. If you blow hot air, it will harm both the valve and the material of the mattress.

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Using a Plastic Bag

Using a Plastic Bag

If you don’t have a hair dryer or can't use it to inflate the airbed, you can use a plastic bag for this purpose. A garbage bag will also work for it. Follow these steps to get the job done.

  • Swoop the plastic bag, like garbage bags, to fill the air.
  • After the bag is full, close its opening instantly.
  • Make a little hole on one side of the bag and put this side on the airbed valve's mouth.
  • Squeeze the whole air from the bag to the mattress.
  • Repeat the process until you meet the desired inflation.
  • A one-way valve will let the air go inside easily, but a two-way valve must be held open during the process.

It is a hard process; that's a fact. But it is functional in the hours of need. So, you can use it whenever your air pump stops working or you forget it at home.


Using a Vacuum Cleaner

If you don't have an air pump to blow your airbed but still have a vacuum cleaner, you can easily Inflate the mattress. A cleaner with a reverse function will work for you. Could you proceed as follows for it?

  • First of all, the vacuum cleaner Bagum cleaner is set to blow air.
  • Place the vacuum nozzle on the mattress valve and turn it on.
  • The air will start blowing into the mattress rapidly.
  • Inflate the bed up to the desired level.
  • Remove the cleaner nozzle, and enjoy your sleep.

Though reversing the air feature may prove tricky for you, this method is functional to inflate the air bed in emergencies.  

Using a Leaf Blower

Using a Leaf Blower

When you forget the air pump at home but still have a leaf blower at your camping site, it will work to inflate the mattress. These easy steps will help you to blow up the air in the airbed.

  • Lay your air mattress on the ground and put the leaf blower nozzle on its valve.
  • Turn the blower on; the air will start blowing inside the bed.
  • After achieving the desired inflation level, turn the blowing machine off.
  • Your bed is ready!

Though it is a slower method than a vacuum cleaner, it is still functional in emergencies. So, go for it when you have no other airbed inflation options.  

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Using a Manual Pump

Using a Manual Pump

A manual pump, like a hand pump or any other kind of automotive tire inflator, can help you when you don't have a mattress air blower. Yes, it's a functional method that will help you inflate the air bed even if you don't have a special air blower. Here is an easy way.

  • Take any manual pump and put its nozzle on the valve of your mattress.
  • Hold both the valve and manual inflator nozzle together tightly.
  • Run the pump; it will inflate your mattress.

It is a very slow process but not worthless. You can consider using manual pumps for mattress inflation when no other option is available.

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Using an Air Compressor

Using an Air Compressor

If you have an air compressor on the spot, it will work to blow air into your air bed. But you will have to invest in a matching air mattress valve to use this method. Follow these steps when using this inflation method.

  • Insert the matching valve in the opening of your airbed.
  • Place the output pipe opening of the air compressor on the valve of the airbed.
  • Turn the compressor on and let it inflate your bed.
  • Blow the air according to the capacity of your mattress.
  • Leave the compressor pipe and enjoy your sleep.  

Blow Up With Mouth

The most tiresome and least effective method is inflating the airbed by blowing it with your mouth. Proceed as follows when this is the only way to inflate your mattress.

  • Take a deep breath to store maximum air in your lungs.
  • Put your mouth on the mattress valve and breathe out the air from your lungs.
  • Repeat the process until your bed is worth sleeping in.

It is the most time-consuming and dangerous inflation method for those suffering from hyperventilation issues. So, use it only when you consider yourself safe and sound against any side effects.

Invest in a Self-Inflating Air Bed

If you are a camper who doesn't love carrying the air bed pump with you, a self-inflating mattress is the best option. Yes, this bed comes with an in-built inflation system which doesn't need any pump at all.

The mattress has a special valve; whenever you open that particular valve, it will suck the air into the bed inflating its foam. Your bed will be ready within a few minutes after opening the valve.

When you have to shift your camp, you can easily deflate it. Simply start rolling it up from the side opposite the valve. When you close the whole bed, shut its valve, and you will be ready to move on.

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An air mattress is the best bed for campers and adventures. The versatility of such beds is continuously adding to the value. However, inflating it without a pump will be an irritating experience if you don't know the alternatives.

If you are struggling with "how to inflate an air mattress without a pump," we have compiled some easy but useful tricks. Use any of them to blow air in your air bed without an air pump.

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