While deflation also depends upon the temperature, a little change greatly affects the pressure and density of the air molecule in the mattress.

When your bed looks airtight, the air molecule creeps out slightly.

The condition worsens when deflation occurs continuously and you cannot find the place of air leakage. The basic errors a user makes in using a mattress are improper handling, no proper storage, and overloading. The article will be helpful for you to know the cause of deflation and steps on how we can prevent it.

Basic reasons for air mattress deflation:

There are several reasons for air loss from the mattress, like damage from sharp objects, chances of leakage, puncture, and rupture. With time all the beds start to deflate, and you have to check the inflation level of the mattress daily to keep the mattress firm. Here we will discuss all the factors in detail:

Basic reasons for air mattress deflation


It is the fact that the air is hotter during the morning time and cooler ant the evening time. As the temperature drops in your room, the air in your mattress becomes condensed and starts to lose the pressure and feel deflated. So if you are camping in cold weather, you will observe that the air volume will be comfy due to the air shrinking inside the mattress


Every air mattress has its design and weight-bearing capacity. The two beds, twin and king, have different weight-bearing capabilities. Mostly air beds can bear the weight of 650lb for two people simultaneously. These weight limits for the air mattress are not for sleeping but also the sitting purpose.

By overloading  the bed, the air inside it begins to expand, and air loss occurs. So you must strictly read the weight limit instructions and strictly adhere to them. Use your mattress for a long time use. Don’t allow the children to jump over the bed. It will wear and tear the mattress.


Non-visual hole:

Obviously, it’s a fact that the air leak from a hole and is a big cause of the mattress deflation. It’s a big challenge to find the spot to stop leakage. Examine the mattress from above, below, and from the side to check the gap.

Despite this, wash the bed in soapy water if you don’t find a hole. If the bubbles of the soap frothing from a particular spot, it will be where the air was leaking. Also, check the seam or the side where the air pump is connected to find the leakage point. So it is better to choose a thick layer mattress and put it in a hazardous-free area.

Improper storage:

Leaving air from the mattress  makes it less firm. So it will be better for you to inflate the bed when you want; otherwise, deflate the mattress, pack it and place it in a dangerous free place. If you do not fold it properly, small holes will appear.

You can also patch up the holes to prevent them from further expanding. Also, keep the mattress in a box or storage pack with the bed.

Recommendation for a new mattress:

The merchants put the bed in folded form for a long time. So the mattress material acquires a good stretch before use. When you purchase a new mattress, leave it for 48 hours for the sake of proper seam and cells of PVC material to expand.

Otherwise, you do not have to be surprised if your new mattress deflates after the first night of use. It will make the mattress inflate and make it good for sleeping. Now the manufacturer is moving towards the PVC-free bed because PVC-free is toxic-free and flexible. These mattresses do not lose air as frequently as the first.

Recommendation for a new mattress

For how much time the mattress lasts:

The life span of the air mattress depends upon its place of usage. If you use the bed only for some functions, then its lifetime will be more than the one we use daily at night. But the daily use mattress’s lifetime depends upon its care. It is estimated that a mattress can last for about six months without leakage.

In comparison, a branded mattress quality can last approximately ten to fifteen years with great care. But the manufacturer recommends the replacement of air mattresses after eight years. So if you want to keep your bed for long-term use, do not put it on the ground.

Steps to prevent the mattress from the deflation:

The following steps will help prevent your mattress from deflation.

Room temperature maintenance:

To prevent your mattress from deflating, maintain a moderate temperature in the room, especially at night when the air begins to condense. To measure the air temperature, use the temperature meter. It will help check the firmness of the mattress and adjust it accordingly.

Fix the Leakage:

Before solving the leakage  problem, you must ensure this thing that there is a leakage. First, locate the leakage, mark the leakage area, and make it completely air dry and clean. Then patch the leakage.

Once you have restored the mattress, you have to keep the check and balance after a short time because the fixed area may rupture again. You can also use silicone sealants to patch the mattress. It is too good for the kitchen items repairing.

Avoid over inflation:

Over-inflation sometimes leads to deflation. Sometimes extra pressure on the seam stretches the seam material, and the worst is that it would be open. It would inflate nearly 90 percent.

Avoid sitting on the mattress:

To make your mattress durable, avoid sitting on a specific part. It would exert more pressure on the bed, so it is better to lay down on the inflated mattress. It will distribute all of your body pressure.

Protection from direct sunlight, children, pet, and sharp objects:

Protection from direct sunlight, children, pet, and sharp objects

Keep your mattress out of the reach of sharp objects like nails, safety pins, and the sharpened blade. You must lock the door of your room when there is nobody in your room so that no pet animal like a cat can go into your room and damage the mattress with his sharp claws. Also, avoid placing your bed in direct sunlight. It will produce ruptures in the mattress due to the high temperature.

Prevent the mattress from overloading:

Also, prevent your mattress from overloading. It will put pressure on the bed, and deflation will occur. Take in view the average weight-bearing capacity of the mattress. Some mattresses have one person’s weight capacity, while some beds have a weight capacity of 350 pounds for both people.

You can also watch in this video:

When you have to worry about your mattress:

There is no need to worry about the deflation of the bed until you have back pain. It will not affect your life. Some mattresses have the re-inflation property if they have some external and internal automatic pump and the mattress is placed near the socket. You have to worry about your mattress deflation if there is a leakage in the bed.

Why does my Air Mattress keep Deflating? Dr Hiker
Air mattresses are made of polyvinyl chloride, Urethane plastic, and rubber. The air mattress is a polymer made from a pressurized container that begins to lose air as time passes.

Frequently asked questions:

For how much time does your air mattress last?

If you use the air mattress with great care, its average life will be 2 to 8 years. To increase its lifetime, keep it away from dampness, sharp objects, and sunlight. Inflate and store it with great care.

What is the average weight limit for an air mattress?

An air mattress has enough capacity of 400 to 450 pounds. This weight limit is for the person with no more weight difference.

Why do we feel cold while sleeping on the air mattress?

Air mattresses are made of thin sheets of plastic, vinyl, and many other materials which absorb the cold from the surroundings and make your night sleep well.

Is an air mattress good for your back?

Yes, an air mattress will be good for your back as the air-filled control is over hardness and softness. If you want to hard the bed, deflate it, and when you want to soften the mattress, fill the mattress with more air.

Final words

The mattress deflation errors are not so much that nobody has seen them. And the method to protect the mattress from deflation is not difficult to adopt. So with a little care, you can make your mattress durable.

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