Given how sturdy and practical this recognizable footwear is. Can you hike in Doc Martens? Hiking In Doc Martens- General Preview Although not specifically made for this reason, Doc Martens are acceptable for trekking.

Although the leather on Docs is strong, it is also very stiff, leading to blistering and irritation during trekking. But with a few tips, you can hike in your Doc Martens.

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In this piece, we'll discuss the essential aspects of hiking boots and contrast them with those of Doc Martens. Then, when you have no choice, you'll discover how to make your Docs hikeable. Let's dive into it!

The Background of Doc Marten

The Background of Doc Marten

Since World War II, when Klaus Märtens created the first pair of Doc Martens boots, they have become a staple in fashion.

The normal army boots he purchased were too inconvenient for his freshly damaged foot, so he manufactured the first pair himself. He created a pair of boots with nice leather uppers and air-cushioned bottoms manufactured from tire treads to address his issue.

Over the generations, many people, including skinheads, police officers, punks, and industrial employees, have used these shoes.

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They are a mainstay in numerous individual closets and are regarded by many as fashion icons. They are also highly regarded for their convenience and durability.

But when the new century began, the boots' sales began to fall. This forced producers who had opened up stores worldwide to start again and reinvent the boots.

In the early years, the boot underwent several changes and modifications, and firms began producing items that went beyond shoes under the Doc Martens brand. In contrast to men's footwear, the company also offers women's boots and kids' footwear.

Youngsters buy boots since they can easily be customised to fit any trend or lifestyle. These days, Doc Martens are appropriate for wearing to concerts, formal events, and even just a stroll across town.

Doc Martens - Present In Good Hiking Footwear

 Doc Martens

You should pay attention to the following factors while shopping for hiking boots:

Finding The Ideal Match

You must have a pair of boots that fits you well before you start your trek. These are certainly not when you intend to skimp on the design and size of your hiking boots since they must be flawless.

Typically, you want tight boots all around your ankles and heels yet give you the freedom to move your fingers.

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Choosing the proper fit for Doc Martens won't be difficult, but you must wear them first. These boots are so tight that you can only wear them after spending weeks progressively easing and acclimating to them. Using them daily for brief periods until they can no further irritate your feet is a key step you should never miss.

To soften the suede, you must also take the leather softening and protection that the firm provides. Do not use this footwear for extended periods until you have completed this transitional period; otherwise, you risk developing serious blistering.


The subject of waterproofing is next. Watertight leather boots are vital to maintaining your feet dry and preventing rubbing. Although you may prepare your Doc Martens with a waterproof spray, basic Doc Martens are not watertight.

Comfortable and breathable

Hiking is a strenuous exercise. Therefore you need to wear shoes that enable your foot to relax to navigate the environment properly. This is because how comfortable you are while hiking greatly affects how much pleasure you will have.

After breaking them in, you will adore hiking in Doc Martens since they are known for being both comfortable and durable.

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A good pair of hiking boots must shield your feet from the rough terrain on the trek. It has always been a top goal for Doc Martens to provide footwear that would safeguard its customers.

The sturdy leather surface provides the necessary protection, and some variants offer a steel toe. However, the product's massive versions fall shortfall in the flexibility needed for tough hiking.


The opposition to slipping that boots have is referred to as traction. You don't want to be trekking in a piece of slick shoes, so this is a crucial consideration. Ideally, you need a sturdy, grippy sole that won't slide about in any weather.

Given that these boots are slip-resistant, Martens has an advantage over the competition. With the outsoles, you may wear these boots in various settings without worrying about your protection.

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Can You Manage All Day Wearing Doc Martens?

Can You Manage All Day Wearing Doc Martens

Best Walking Feet claims that Doc Martens have a sturdy, space sole that makes them perfect for prolonged standing. The inner is well-cushioned for added comfort, and the heel level is suitable for standing.

Due to its ability to shield the feet from harm in many conditions, Doc Martens make for excellent professional boots. The boots' waterproof leather construction keeps water out, and the heated lining keeps feet toasty even while trudging through the winter snow.

Rain & Doc Martens

When It Rains, Does Doc Martens Become Damaged

Most Doc Martens can withstand light rain, but wet boots or using them during thunder is not good.

Well-maintained leather coated with waterproofing compounds may withstand some rain contact. Though real leather is absorbent, regular contact with water can make leather rigid and fragile when it dries.

So it's better to avoid wearing Doc Martens while it's raining. Your Docs will survive when submerged in water for brief periods if you frequently spray waxing or leather conditioning to prevent water damage.

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If you want to hike in a pair of Doc Martens, make sure to include a pair of lightweight shoes or boots that you can switch into if you feel uncomfortable.

As a result of the boots' lack of breathability, they will cause your feet to start sweating if you travel in them for an extended period. Hence, wear airy socks if you want to go hiking with boots.

Enjoy Hiking!
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