It will solve the eating problem. Otherwise, you have to survive on the snacks. So a good option is to take the propane stove with you on-site. There are two choices for you. One is Coleman classic, and the other is Coleman triton. Both are easy to carry and compatible, along with their best features.
Coleman classic two burners were a good choice for many years, but nowadays, Coleman triton two burners are in common use. Both were propane stoves and had the most common features.

But our question is, which one is better? Let us find the answer to this question:

Coleman Triton:

Coleman Triton

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Coleman triton is the nicest unit of meal cooking, but it is more expensive than the classic. Due to its large surface area, you can adjust the more stuff on it.

Heat Flow:

It has two adjustable burners, each provides the heat of 11000 BTUs, so the total heat of the triton will be 22000 BTUs. This heat is enough for instant cooking. It has the perfect flow due to the automatic ignition and power control. It is also compact and easy to use.


You can easily adjust the pot to 12 inches or 10 inches above the stove. This stove is about 14 inches in length and 23 inches in width. At the same time, its height is approximately 6 inches. And its weight is near about 11lbs.

Due to its metal body, it has more durability and fewer chances of damage. It also has a three-panel wind block. It has a dent mark on its design.

Coleman Triton

The simmer technology of the stove allows making flame extremely low without the worry of stopping it. At this intense heat, the grill will continue to heat up.

Cleanliness of the stove:

It is also easy to clean the stove. With just by one-time paper swipe, you can remove the food stains. Otherwise, you can also use soap or water to remove the stains. You do not need to scrub the stove. You can also fire the grill or the burner for proper cleanliness.

Run Time of the triton stove:

It is a two-burner stove that can work efficiently with one hour run time on high flame with the help of 16.4oz propane-filled cylinder. It can boil the water within 4.5 minutes or less.

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Coleman Classic:

Coleman Classic

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Coleman classic is an old version but the most durable stove. However, it has not had enough features compared to the Coleman triton. It is also a low price stove. This thing makes it the best choice for most people.

Heat flow:

This propane stove has two burners, each providing 10,000 BTU gas, so the total heat delivered by the two burners will be 20,000 BTU. Due to the structural design, it is harder to light the stove grill with a small lighter, so use a long lighter. It has no auto-ignition feature.


This stove has a length of 21inch, a width of 12 inches, and a height of 3 inches. It is flat except where the logo design is. And the weight of the stove is commonly 12lb. It also has a windshield and perfect flow control.

Coleman Classic:

Although the pressure is uniformly distributed in both stoves due to the perfect flow control, you can adjust the 10-inch or 12-inch pot on this stove.

Cleanliness of the stove:

The nicest feature of the stove is easy cleanliness. You have to remove the grill to remove the food marks. You can remove the burner by rotating them to clean the metal particles.

It is easy enough to remove the effects; just by using the paper swipe, you can remove the stains only once.

Run time of the classic stove:

This stove can run with a 16.4oz propane canister efficiently on high flame with two open burners for an hour or more. This stove lasts three years with a warranty. If there is a fault, you can correct it by contacting the company.

It takes about 5 minutes on the right burner and 6 minutes on the left burner to boil the water.

Which one should you have to buy?

Although we have been using the classic stove for many years, triton is the stove with advanced features. They are nearly the same, but their working ability differs as the traditional stove is cheap, so most prefer to purchase the classic.

The classic stove in its upgraded version is called the triton stove. But most people, including myself, prefer to purchase a triton stove for the best and most advanced qualities. Both stoves have a pilot burn, ranging from 45 seconds to 90 seconds.
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Most frequently asked questions:

Can you use the Coleman stove for indoor purposes?

Propane-filled Coleman stove is not better for the use of indoor purposes. Coleman stoves and lantern is only designed for outdoor purpose. The Coleman brand itself releases this statement.

Could the old Coleman stove proof much better than the new one?

Yes, the old Coleman stove is much better used than the old one. And they will work like new if you give proper cleanliness to them.

What is the big difference between the Coleman classic and triton?

Coleman classic is the old and cheap version of the stove. At the same time, the Coleman triton is dare compared to classic but with advanced features.

How long a Coleman propane tank lasts?

A Coleman propane tank of the common use of nearly one lb. weight will last for two hours if you let both burners run simultaneously.

Finally verdict:

Both Coleman stoves have many pros and cons, and If one is cheap, the other has advanced features. Triton is with simmer quality, more BTUs, and many more factors like this.

At the same time, the classic stove is still the best choice for most people due to its low price and old features. Still, it is a daunting question which one is better? Both are camping stoves and are the best technologies of their era.

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