It looks like a spray bottle if you have never seen a butane tank. It is portable and can easily be kept in a backpack.

Butane tank is commonly used in portable stoves during short-time outdoor activities.

But before going on any outdoor activity, knowing how long this canister will last is necessary. Let us find the answer to the question.

You can also get answers to your question what burns hotter? Propane or butane!

How long does a butane canister last?

The most used 8oz butane canister will burn for one and half hours on high flame, and on low flame, it burns for about 3 hours. This estimated burning time is for a stove of 7650 BTUs. This stove is ideal and portable for campers.

Different equipment has different BTUs, so they take additional time to burn. Now we will see the run time for other stoves on variant BTUs of 8oz canister:

  BTUs level for different stoves                          

Run time of the 8oz canister

  7650 BTU                                                                      

1.5 hours

  10000 BTU                                                                    

1.2 hours

  15000 BTU                                                                    

48 minutes

Factors affecting fuel consumption during camping:

Before going on any outdoor activity, it is necessary to make a plan for your fuel consumption. In such type of planning, the most influential factors will be the following:

  • Amount of the gas in the canister before usage.
  • Outside temperature
  • Altitude
  • Burner power

A more powerful burner means a high flame burner is used. More fuel will be consumed and run out fast. Similarly, a burner with a high temperature represents an increase in the temperature to decrease the cooking time.

The fuel consumption will be higher at about 8000 feet, and many canisters must be available there.

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Different sizes of the butane canisters:

Butane canisters are available in different sizes according to the adjustment of varying kitchen and outdoor appliances. Some are for the burner purpose, while others are for the refill purpose.

Canister used for the burner purpose:

These butane canisters are usually available in 8oz to 8.8oz sizes. Outdoor people mostly use the 8oz butane canister because it is portable. And we can easily purchase it from any hardware store.

Also, read everything about using propane in the Butane stove and whether it would be safe.

Canister for the refill purpose:

These canisters vary from 5oz to 1oz and are used for refills. It is used to refill small appliances like torches and lighter. A butane canister of 1.48oz or 2.5oz will use to supply more light candles. At the same time, the 5.07oz canister will use for torches.

Canister for the refill purpose

Methods to store the butane canister:

Although the buButanes are stored in a thin aluminum canister due to their low-pressure storage, without precautions, you cannot toss it around the can by your choice. The following are the methods to store the butane canister:

  • Any heat source increasing the pressure inside the canister may be fatal. The canister will explode if the temperature increases from 120 Fahrenheit. So keep the canister away from any heat source, flame, and direct sunlight to prevent it from the explosion.
  • Always keep your buButanensulated with clothes from above and below during traveling. Keeping them away from the engine's heat and the sunlight is better.
  • Do not put the can near the stove. Always keep it away from the sunlight or store it in the tent; otherwise, it will be at risk.
  • Butane cans should keep away from sharp edges and objects like knives. Otherwise, the thin sheet of aluminum will puncture or deteriorate.
  • If you use your butane stove in icy conditions, its pressure will decrease below.
  • -1c, it would be more difficult to burn for the stove. So storing it in a warm place or at room temperature is necessary.
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Besides the instructions to make it more reliable and harmless. Some manufacturers also use the CRV (Countersink Risk Vent) technique in their canisters. CRV is used to control the gas pressure. It passes the gas through perforation around the canister neck when the pressure exceeds the limit. The canister with this feature has a sticker or blue line around its neck.

Methods to fix the buButanen the stove:

Most people do not know how to put the buButanen the stove. To put the buButanen the stove, follow the cap:

  • Remove the cover of the canister and open the cap.
  • Now you must insert the canister with the choker mark upwardly and the valve inside the funnel-shaped fitting. Then it will fit inside the collar notch with the loaded latch.
  • Close the compartment and switch on the can of fuel with the stove.
  • Now your stove is ready to cook delicious dishes.
Methods to fix the butane on the stove

More you can also watch more in this video:

Can the butane tank be refilled?

Butane tanks have disposable designs that cannot be reused and recycled. So it is not good to refill them. Tank refilling depends upon the cylinder's condition and the cylinder's creation. Butane tanks cannot be used more than once and should dispose of properly.

From where can you purchase it?

You can easily purchase the butane canister from any hardware store and online websites like Amazon and Home Depot. If you want to buy the can with extra protection, purchase a CRV can. Some of the good brands which make the 8oz canisters are:
  • Coleman
  • Sterno
  • Gas one

The best one would be the Gas one company canister with Blue cola.

Does buButaneo bad and expire?

The fantastic thing about this is that the buButanend the isobutene canisters have been stored for many decades. They have no expiry date as they are not eating items. But they have been helpful for ten years. It would not be safe to use it for more than ten years because the metal tank will rust unless the pressure in the tank is the same. It can be dangerous in this case.

Most frequently asked questions:

Can buButaneeak?

The liquid buButaneill leak around the valve stems when the valve is squeezed. And it will continue as long as the valve is depressed until the buButanevaporates from the branch.

Is it reasonable to store the buButanendoors?

It is better not to store the buButanendoors, like in basements, Cells, and areas with chances to store the vapors. Because it is heavier than the air, always keep it in a well–ventilated place. And do not store it in warm places because there may be chances of its explosion.

Is it reasonable to store the Butane outdoors?

Always store it in cool and dry places until it smells like a natural gas additive.

Can it be possible for the butane canister to explode?

Butane is an excellent fuel for the stoves of campers because it is inexpensive, light, and easy to use. Incorrect use and improper handling will build pressure on the canister and explode.

Bottom line:

How long does a butane canister last? It depends on various factors, including the method of its usage and the stove's brand. The expensive and good brand of furnace has a good run time and safety measures compared to the low brands. So it always depends on you what you choose.

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