Camping is all fun until the weather suddenly turns rainy, soaking everything to ruin. This is why having a waterproof tent is most important during camping. But when it comes to waterproof tents, are Coleman tents waterproof? Not all, but most Coleman tents are waterproof, depending on the protective coating on the tent fabric.

However, Coleman tents have high waterproofing within an affordable price range compared to other tents. To make your tent more waterproof, spray Coleman’s seam with the sealer whenever you notice any leakage.

It is good if your tent is waterproof, but you must know how waterproof your Coleman tent is. Read out to learn more.

How Waterproof Are Coleman Tents?

Coleman tents are not the most waterproof tents, but they still help take the camping experience to the next level. Usually, Coleman tents will save you from rain and high-speed wind up to 35 miles per hour. Also, the level of waterproofness mainly depends on the intensity of rain and tents condition.

For an average camper, Coleman makes 3 season tents at a cheaper rate. However, if you want a better option to withstand extreme weather, go for a 4 season tent. If you want to make your tent more waterproof, use a tarp or a footprint beneath the tent as an extra protective layer.

Can Coleman Tent Stay Waterproof In Heavy Rain?

A 4-season tent containing taped, inverted seams, bathtub floor, full-length fly, and fine guy lines can protect you in heavy rainfalls. The waterproofing of a tent comes from its hydrostatic head materials, tautness due to surface tension, and built quality that collectively assists in preventing leaks.

You can get some of these extraordinary features in Coleman tents that are insufficient to withstand heavy rains. So, a Coleman tent isn’t specifically designed to hold up in heavy rain. A cheaper tent will hardly contain these top-notch features, but you must spend the maximum cost for a superior-quality tent.

Which Coleman Tents Are Waterproof?

Though most Coleman tents are water-resistant, not all completely waterproof, the special features such as tub floors, inverted seams, and corner welds make them a great option to protect against light to moderate rainfall. It is not too good for heavy rain.

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However, three Coleman tents are quite popular due to their waterproofing ability.

  1. Coleman Pop-Up Tents
  2. Coleman Sundome Tents
  3. Coleman Instant Tents

Among these three, Coleman Sundome Tents are the most suitable for camping. When choosing a tent, look for a hydrostatic head rating of at least 1000mm or higher with sealed seams and a large rainfly.

With higher waterproofing, your tent will be stiffer, less flexible, and heavier to set up. Coleman’s water-resistant tents have waterproof ratings up to 450mm, but to make it the best option in heavy rain, get the full-length fly to protect the tent walls.

Coleman Sundome Tents

How Long Do Coleman Tents Stay Waterproof?

Coleman tents typically last waterproof for up to 1 to 2 years. But this isn’t a defined period, as the time length can vary depending on the usage, weather condition, and sunlight intensity. With excessive and intensive usage, a Coleman tent will last a lesser-than-expected period.

To increase the longevity of your tent, apply seam sealant and waterproofing spray frequently. Even if your tent is not in use, look for the spots that need reapplication of sealant. If you keep it in storage for more than one year, it will still require sealant.

If you are using a Coleman tent for a year, reapply the waterproofing sealants after every 6 to 12 months.

What Factors Make A Tent Waterproof?

To understand the waterproofing of your tent material, you must know the following ratings:

  • Waterproof
  • Waterhead or
  • Hydrostatic head

This display the ability of the fabric to prevent water seeping by resisting water penetration or pressure. These ratings are certain numbers to depict the quality of the tent, but you should solely rely on them as they do not make a tent completely leak-free.

However, the higher hydrostatic rating is considered better for making the tent waterproof.

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Additional Tips to Improve Waterproofing of Coleman Tents

Here are the following ways to increase your Coleman tent’s waterproofing ability.

  • It is good if your tent has a rainfly because it is perfect for rainy weather. With the rainfly, your Coleman tent will have a high waterproof rating. So, go for a Coleman tent with a full-length rainfly.
  • If you are camping more frequently in rainy seasons, remember to reapply seam sealer or waterproofing spray to your tent. It will prevent any chance of leaks.
  • In case you are unaware of the waterproof rating of the tent, put a polyethylene tarp on your tent or rainfly to protect it from harsh weather.
  • Always consider climate change or weather conditions when choosing a tent. A Coleman tent is all you need if you prefer camping for two seasons.
  • Also, prefer the quality of the tent instead of the cost, as it will be better than regretting not paying extra bucks and soaking wet in the leaking tent.
Additional Tips to Improve Waterproofing of Coleman Tents

Are Coleman Tents Good?

Coleman tents are believed to be the most versatile, fully-featured, and highly popular among camping enthusiasts. They have the strong build quality and diversity from camping to backpacking, family, budget, and cabin tents.

They are usually made with polyester tent fabric, and their poles are steel, aluminum, or plastic. You can easily set them up in 10 minutes without needing special equipment.

If it’s your first time camping, it is highly recommended to get Coleman tents due to their affordability and excellent features.

Are All Camping Tents Waterproof?

No, all camping tents are not waterproof. Many tents are specifically designed to resist harsh weather conditions, but the main factor you must look for is how waterproof your tent is. This usually varies considering waterproof coating and rainfly. Though the tent's body may be high quality, there is no surety of its waterproofness.

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A waterproof tent has many folds of polyurethane coating and looks taped, which prevents the water from moving inside. Tents’ waterproof capability depends upon the waterproof rating. The answer is no, and all the tents are not waterproof. But tents can resist the water at a high rate. They can

Before buying a tent, look for features compatible enough to stand long rainy seasons. Always choose a tent with a high waterproof rating, sealed seams, and full coverage rainfly.

Final Verdict

Looking into all the exceptional features offered by Coleman tents, it is true that most Coleman tents are waterproof and highly affordable. The level of waterproofness is possible to increase by simply increasing your budget. This will ensure maximum durability, quality, and comfort.

We hope the information will prove helpful in turning your best camping ideas into reality.

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