There are various reasons for the improper burning of the propane stove. It may be due to uncleanliness, issues with the furnace, and low gas pressure.

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Let us discuss these reasons and the method to fix them:

Low gas pressure:

Low gas pressure is one of the most common causes of burning issues. The stove will not work properly if the gas's weather conditions are not constant. Suppose the weather conditions are too cold or windy; the burner flame would not be suitable for cooking.

Some people have the misconception that the propane stove is not safe to use. They will explode if you have not used the right propane fuel for the tank; the furnace will not work right if you are not using the right power in the stove prescribed in the company's instructions.

Sometimes low gas pressure, less than 1/4th of the full, causes not to start the stove or the low flame because the furnace is not getting enough power to ignite.

Low gas pressure

Method to fix it:

To adjust the flame and start the stove's ignition, maintain the gas pressure in the cylinder. For this purpose, refill or replace the cylinder with a new one.

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Air in the gas pipeline:

Most of the time, your stove does not start or takes a lot of time in the ignition process. It is not due to the furnace or the gas fault. It mostly occurs when you remove your fuel tank and reattach it. It happens due to gas traps in the pipeline during your exchange process.

Air in the gas pipeline

Method to fix it:

It will resolve itself after some time as the trapped gas will exit the burner. Wait for the air exhaustion.

Check the valve:

If your stove is not working properly or the flame is not like your regular use. You must check the valve of the gas. Sometimes the valve is not as properly positioned as it must be during opening and closing.

Check the valve

Method to fix it:

Take a regular checkup of the valve during opening and closing.

You can also watch this video:

Check the Hose:

In rare cases, the hose does not work properly. It would happen due to the breakage or stiffness of the hose. Take a regular checkup to identify the issue. And do not use the old or worn hose. Install a new one; it will give you some relief.

 Check the Hose

Method to fix it:

Take a regular checkup, and if there is some issue in the hose, fix it by replacing it with a new one.

Check the thermocouple and replace it:

The thermocouple is on the right-hand side of the stove. A heat sensor turns off the gas supply as the pilot flame is off. If you do not know the thermocouple and how it works, read it here. Sometimes, this issue is most common in the latest technology, while the old technology was free from this feature.

Check the thermocouple and replace it

Method to fix it:

Change the stove thermocouple as described in the linked article.

Replace the propane tank:

The malfunctioning of the propane tank is that it undergoes corrosion with time. The rust will fill the tank and reduce its proper functioning of the tank. It will cause blockage of the airway and a variety of problems.

Method to fix it:

Remove the propane tank from the stove and clean it completely.

Proper cleaning of the propane burner:

Suppose you are using the propane stove regularly. Then it is necessary to clean it properly. Clean the valve, hose, orifices, and outer surface with warm and soapy water. Also, use compressed air to clean the burner holes. Warm water will remove the debris of the grease and the carbon deposits. Always clean the air passageway to keep airflow constant and remove the blockage.

Method to fix it:

Clean your stove with warm and soapy water. Also, use compressed air for cleaning.

Maintenance of the stove:

Daily maintenance of the stove will make the furnace outstanding for years. Follow the steps to maintain it.

  • Keep the outer surface of the stove clean.
  • Never use corrosive or flammable agents for cleaning purposes. Always use warm or soapy water for its cleaning.
  • Small insects or spiders nest in the burner holes. Always clean the burner holes using a heavy-duty pipe or compressed air pressure.
  • Keep the air passageway clean. So always check the controls, circulating air passageway, and burner to make the passage unobstructed. Some are the basic signs of the blocked course of air.

Stove popping noise

Gas odor

Smoky flame

  • Suppose the stove is wet due to the rain or the snow. Leave it for 30 minutes for complete dryness.
  • Using your stove in salty air, like near the ocean, it will more likely get corrosion. So it's necessary to repair the damages promptly.
  • Carbon deposits are the cause of the fire hazard. So use warm soapy water to remove the carbon deposit.

You can also watch the proper maintenance and cleaning of the Coleman propane stove in this video:

Precautions for maintenance:

  • Do not use your stove for maintenance before one hour of your daily use.
  • Also, ensure all the open valves are closed before maintenance.
  • The propane tank must remove from the stove before maintenance.

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

How can you adjust the flame on the propane stove?

You can make the burner flame adjustment manually. First, light the burner, then turn the knob and adjust the flame. You can also change the love by removing the knob and adjusting the valve with the help of a screwdriver. You can also replace the knob.

What color should be the flame of the propane stove?

The blue flame is the indication of the complete combustion of the propane. It's the normal flame and shows that the burning takes place with the correct fuel ratio to air ratio.

How can you de-grease your stove?

You can decrease the stove using warm water or dish wash soap and then rinse it with clear water. You can also remove the debris by using the high-pressure hose.

How can you know that your propane stove air passageway is closed?

Your stove will show the following signs if the air passageway is tight.

  • The stove will produce a popping sound
  • Gas odor
  • Smoky flame

These signs will appear if the air passageway is blocked.

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If you have checked, replaced, and removed all the troubling material and fixed all the above-explained issues. Despite these things, if your stove is not working properly. Then your stove will be entirely responsible for this.

So it is suggested to replace your old stove with a new one otherwise you have to take the help of the mechanic to fix all the troubles.

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