Enamel mugs are one of the finest kitchenware extremely used for camping purposes. Undoubtedly, this excessive use is due to their Aesthetic and lyrical themes, good qualities, and inexpensive availability.

Their hustle and bustle use also makes them unique and good for the evening tea at camping.

From which material the enamel mugs are made?

Enamel is a material that is prepared by melting and fusing the glass powder at a high temperature of 850C. And then, we add the dyes to this melted material to make it a shiny, soft and protective layer of the Enamel.

Enamel mugs are made of iron and steel, coated with the porcelain enamel to protect them from oxidizing. So the enamel materials have some good qualities:

Acid, Stain and Rust proof

Long durability

Heat conduction ability of the material

Nontoxic coating

If you want to learn more about the preparation of the enamel read “ this ” article.

Benefits of the enamel mug use:

Enamel mugs are safe for camping for their benefits and enjoyable evening tea. Next time you will also prefer an enamel to keep with you after reading this;

Temperature withstand ability of the enamel material:

Temperature withstand ability of the enamel material

Enamel can easily withstand hot and cold temperatures. You can heat it directly over the stove or fire pit to make the coffee or boil the water. Enamel is good to adopt the temperature of the drink. But the enamel material can sustain a temperature of 570 F or 270 c.

But use the enamelware with great care because the Enamel gets too much hot fast. So it is better to use a glove to handle it from the fire. And do not take a sip when it is too much hot. Also, not move the cup abruptly when it was in the freezer.

Give some time to melt it. But take care if there is a place where the Enamel paint is removed before heating. It will make the Enamel paint digest by dissolving.

Enamel mugs are easy to carry:

 Enamel mugs are easy to carry

Enamel mugs are the ceramics and glass stuff. So they are easy to carry and can be used on camping trips. Their weight is too light, and we feel no weight on our feet as an enamel mug can accommodate 354 ml of liquid which is enough to drink on the camping site.

These wares can fit into one another. This stackable and portable property is useful if you want to take many things in one pack.

Enamelware is easy to clean:

Enamelware is easy to clean

You do not need to worry if you have a stain on the enamel surface because the colours are too easy to remove. And enamelware is always dishwasher secure.

You can remove the colours from the enamel surface just by using soap water to wash. You do not need to scrub them hard with the sponge and the brushes to remove the stains.

To remove the tough debris, you can use a warm water wash, baking soda and lemon juice to remove the debris from the enamel surface. If you scrub the enamel surface hardly, then the shine gets off.

Versatile use of the enamelware:

 Versatile use of the enamelware

You can use enamel material on versatile stoves, whether a gas stove or an electric one. You can heat the liquid in the enamelware at any temperature. The material will not melt but produce soot that is easy to remove after washing.

But the enamel material is unsafe for the microwave oven because of its metallic components. If you keep the enamelware in the range, it will spark, and the electric circuit will break.

Instead of the microwave, I will suggest to heat on a stove. You can also use it for the freezer, which will not harm the material.

Environment-friendly ware:

Environment-friendly ware

The most important benefit of the enamel mugs is that they are useable and, therefore, environmentally friendly. They are easy to clean again, so there is no need to replace them with a new one very soon.

And if you do not want to reuse them many times and replace them, they can be used as a decoration piece. Due to their magnificent designs and the beautiful colours, they will give a stunning look like a decoration piece.

But as the Enamel is not biodegradable and recyclable, it is still better than the disposable wares, which is a great danger to our planet.

Good Plastic alternate:

Good Plastic alternate

Enamel mugs are a good alternative to plastic wares. Their usage can reduce our plastic consumption. Enamel is made of glass and steel, so it will help you get rid of petroleum-based plastic  wares. And they will also give you a good look at your kitchen.

Enamel materials are easy to afford:

Enamel materials are easy to afford

Enamel mugs are cheap compared to titanium, stainless steel and ceramic mugs. The price of these cups is equal to the six cups of Enamel.

So it will be better to buy an enamel mug if you are going on camping and want to buy cups for a group of people.

Long-lasting property of the enamelware:

Enamelware is hard and long-lasting, and it cannot break easily. Severe damage until the cup has dropped from a height will not break the cup.

But chipping is only possible to break the enamelware as the enamelware has a resistance to corrosion from the acid and the base. So any acidic drink does not affect the enamel mugs.

Unique themes of the enamel mugs and best choice:

Enamel mugs have classically outdoorsy themes. They are well known for their unique and beautiful melodies and designs. Their features are designed so that anyone can tell that the two are not the same.

They are also intended for sip comfort with rolled rims.

Is the enamelware safe for drinking and eating?

Is the enamelware safe for drinking and eating

Enamelware does not react with the acid and the base, so it has 100% safe for drinking and eating. Even if the porcelain layer gets off from the steal, still it will be nontoxic because it will be oxidized. In history, many people were using vintage enamelware.

They were toxic because some manufacturers used cadmium and lead metals for the iron casting . So cooking on the enamel cookware is safe if they get chipped and damaged.

But people believe that once the material gets repaired, it will leak, which is useless now. Enamelware also does not affect the flavour of the food.

The best way to protect the enamelware:

Some of the protective measures must be taken while using the Enamel:

  • Keep the enamelware in a proper space so you can prevent from chipping
  • Use the soap water or warm water to wash the enamelware instead of scrubbing and rinsing them
  • Also, dry the enamelware after the dish wash to prevent them from the rust
  • High-temperature changes for the material are not good, so it is better not to place the enamel pot on fire just after you have removed it from the freezer and also not put it in the freezer after the fire heating

If your enamelware gets a lot chipped, then it would be better to replace it with a new one because a chipped surface will release the toxic matter and is hazardous to the health.

You can also watch in this video:

The best choice among ceramic, Enamel and metal for the camping:

These cups are easily available, lightweight and budget adjustable, but their choice must be according to the situation.

These cups are easily available in shiny and versatile designs. I think ceramic is my favourite one because it is suitable for coffee sipping during camping. But its lightweight Enamel would be better for the camping than the ceramic because it is too light and easy to break.

Enamel mugs do not affect the flavour of the coffee and beverages. But a metal mug is better if you are going on a wild mission in a forest.

Most frequently asked questions:

Why is Enamel good for camping?

Due to the durability, easy cleaning, unique designs and lightweight, they are good for camping.

Are enamel cups safe for health?

As long as the enamel layer is coated, they are safe to drink and will not be hazardous to the health. But if the ware is too chipped, it will release the toxic matter during the food cook. Otherwise, it is harmless if there is a dent or a light scratch.

Are our ceramic mugs good for camping?

Ceramics or the Teflon mugs are nonstick kitchen cookware. They are good for coffee, but they are too lightweight compared to enamelware and not safe for camping in wild areas.

How are the enamel mugs prepared?

The shape of the cup or jug is first pressed out from steel, then dipped in the liquid Enamel and heated on a kiln. It hardens the smooth layer of the Enamel.

Finally Verdict:

So the most important reason to keep the enamel mug the camping is its features. They are easy to carry, shatterproof, easy to wash and enhanced themes. So I suggest you take an enamel instead of metal and ceramic for the camping.

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