Chacos are absolutely good for hiking due to their special design approved by American Podiatric Medical Association.

Hiking in boots and trail runners is common, but nowadays, people are hiking in sandals. These are not flip-flops or Crocs; we are talking about Chacos sandals with lugged soles for arch and ankle support. Even with maximum support and comfort, Chacos are not always good for everyone, and one should wear them depending on their preference.

Chacos can't beat hiking shoes that protect from trail hazards or environmental effects, so they have some benefits and downsides. In this guide, we have shared our experience of trying Chacos for hiking.

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Whether it is a rocky trail, desert, or beach, Chacos are best for all kinds of terrains. Chacos is quite a popular American footwear line that makes special hiking sandals for arch support and ensures comfort when hiking. You can wear these sandals for any outdoor activity without getting blisters.

The durability and flexibility of Chacos sandals are tested on different trails, which is another factor making them most likable among people. The wide variety in style and colors also make them a great option.

Chacos footwear is considered one of the best flip-flop footwear due to its resistance to wear and tear.

Are Chacos Good For Hiking?

Are Chacos Good For Hiking

Various features and an excellent arch-supporting design make Chacos highly comfortable for hiking. However, the effectiveness of this footwear depends on the hiker's personal choice and the hiking spot's environmental conditions. Here are a few benefits and reasons why Chaocs are good.

Offers Best Traction

Chacos sandals provide excellent traction. The cushioning makes it easy to move around at longer distances when hiking, while these sandals' durability isn’t affected by hot and cold pavements.

Chacos allows you to walk and hike for extended periods without experiencing discomfort or pain. The straps and sole offer excellent grip making this footwear ideal for hiking on slippery or uneven roads.

Provides Arch Support

If you don’t want your feet to get tired, Chacos can prove the best bet for you. These sandals ensure maximum arch support without compromising comfort.

The American Podiatric Medical Association has also guaranteed the arch support feature of Chacos sandals. The lightweight also makes these sandals comfortable to wear, as carrying heavy weight will exhaust you during hiking.

Suitable For Ankle Support

Many people complain about the lack of ankle support in Chacos, but we have experienced the maximum support from the heel cup of these sandals. The heel cup is specifically designed to support the ankle.

If you have a weak ankle and need extra support when hiking, it is recommended to wear hiking boots or shoes.

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More Breathable Than Shoes

One of the most exhausting things about hiking shoes is your feet feel cooped during your entire adventure period. With Chacos, you get over this problem as the straps on sandals offer the freedom you can’t get with shoes.

Hiking in water with these sandals is also great due to their beneficial features, such as quick drying compared to hiking shoes, and they can easily be cleaned even if they get into the mud.

You may need to remove your hiking shoes from your foot to avoid debris getting inside your shoes when crossing water. But Chacos provide great flexibility in this regard. Also, the straps are adjustable to make sandals fit perfectly to ensure comfortable hiking.

Get Benefit With ReChaco Service

Along with several benefits, Chacos has an amazing repair service that allows you to revamp your footwear even after years of hiking. The service aims to increase the use of Chacos for hiking.

Why Are My Chacos Uncomfortable? The Downsides

Why Are My Chacos Uncomfortable The Downsides

Undoubtedly, Chacos are great for hiking but have some apparent downsides. Here are some dangers of hiking in Chacos:

Debris Get Stuck Under Your Foot

Hiking near water puts a lot of dirt and debris inside your sandals. It is easy to wash them off, but debris can get stuck longer. Most rocks or sand particles will wedge between your toes or under your feet, making hiking highly uncomfortable.

On hiking trails, you will encounter dirt, pebbles, and small sticks, which many hikers avoid by wearing gaiters. Though you can face a similar issue with boots, the problem gets more complicated with Chacos sandals.

Uncovered Toe

Chacos are great for allowing toes to wiggle with freedom, but the exposed toes can confront many dangers. Exposure to sun, rocks, thorns, poisonous plants, cold weather, and snakes can lead to serious trouble with sandals.

However, with some preventive measures, you can reduce the risk of such dangers:

  • Protect your toes from the sun by applying good quality SPF sunscreen.
  • In order to avoid bruises from rocks, you must walk carefully with sandals and try not to kick every rock you find in your way.
  • Whether you are wearing boots or sandals, there is a rare chance of a snake encounter. But the risk of snake bite is higher with sandals. You can keep yourself safe by not interacting with snakes and trying your best to stay on the right trail without hazardous wildlife.

Straps Can Hurt Feet

Even though the chance of getting blisters is less likely with Chacos, you can get them if you hike in a wet and sandy area. Walking through wet and sandy paths will load your feet with mud sticking inside the straps, turning sandals into sandpaper.

It will cause discomfort and also lead to blisters. Usually, blisters also result when Chacos are not broken in, have too loose or tight straps, and the size is wrong.

Not Suitable For Cold Climates

In cold weather, hiking in sandals is troublesome, but you can resolve it by wearing socks. A decent pair of socks will help you enjoy hiking even when cold outside.

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Are Chacos Good For Water Hiking?

Are Chacos Good For Water Hiking

Chacos are ideal for water hiking due to their waterproof nature. When crossing a stream or wet area, you do not need to worry about your sandals getting wet as they will dry out quickly without becoming sloppy.

You can also wear your Chacos sandals to hike in rainy reason without worrying. Though mud can create a mess, the waterproof sandals won’t save your feet if piled with mud.

How To Maximize Comfort With Chaco During Hiking? Handy Tips

Even with the popularity of Chacos for hiking, many hikers only recommend it if you are aware of some useful tips to get the best out of these sandals.

  • You should always pay attention to the breaking-in period for hiking footwear, including Chacos. You will only feel comfortable if you have used hiking shoes already on some trails.
  • Wear your Chacos at home to walk, run and sprint outside to make them comforting.
  • Always keep a foot cream when packing up your hiking stuff. You must moisturize your feet to avoid any pain after hiking for hours.
  • Wear socks to protect your feet from environmental, weather, and other harm. You can also reduce the risk of blisters by wearing socks.


Can You Walk Long Distances In Chacos?

If you are hiking for longer distances in moderate terrain, you can walk easily without any trouble. However, if you pass through rugged or rocky terrain, Chacos might not prove helpful in providing stability and arch support.

What Is The Lifespan Of Chacos?

With proper care and maintenance, Chacos can last up to 10 years, but considering regular use, they last 3 to 5 years. The sturdiness and durability make this footwear suitable for hiking.

Wrapping Up

Chacos are comfortable, durable, affordable, and great for hiking. You can walk freely with maximum breathability to your feet provided by these sandals. Along with traction, stability, and support, Chacos are ideal for wearing during white water rafting.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack them for your next hiking trip without worrying about comfort.

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