But, people doubt the artificial ingredients used in them for various purposes. But Peak Refuels and Mountain House are rich in protein, high-calorie density, etc.

However, Peak Refuel is more lightweight than Mountain House and has more food content.

Major Differences between Peak Refuel and Mountain House-Complete Guide 2023

They both have some key differences that are pretty interesting, which are written below:

Different Brands:

The key difference between them is that they are two entirely different brands. They make freeze-dried food and sell them. This kind of food is sold throughout the nation and especially to campers.

You only have to open, add water and eat it, so it's effortless. If you buy this food, you will be free from any hassle.

Main Ingredients:

The best thing about both is that they are healthy with fewer artificial ingredients. Peak Refuel is rich in protein, lightweight, and made up of 100% original meat. They care about their customers' health and never use filler like TVP, etc. You will always find non-GMO material in it.

While Mountain House is also rich in natural ingredients with many nutrients, so it's healthy to eat, many people especially need gluten-free food, which is the best option.

While eating Mountain House food, then, never worry about the quality. Many food manufacturing companies add preservatives to keep the food safe for many days but don't.

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Peak Refuel and Mountain House both have different types of meals available:

Peak Refuel offers snacks, breakfast, dinner, lunch, energy drinks, etc. It has almost 33 items available.

Mountain House has almost six items available, but plenty of food items, like veggies and natural items, fall into this category. It also offers snacks, desserts, breakfast, protein, etc.

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Amount of Nutrition:

Regarding the amount of nutrition, they both have, Peak Refuel is richer in protein, calories, fats, sodium, etc., than Mountain House. If you ever buy a pack of biscuits from Peak Refuel, it offers 1100 calories, more than 300 grams of protein, 85 grams of fat, and 1780 mg of sodium.

Meanwhile, Mountain House only has 560 calories, 20 grams of fats, 22 grams of protein, and 1730 mg of sodium. Peak Refuel has a great amount of nutrition available in biscuits and all the food items.


For packaging, Mountain House is better than Peak Refuel. However, Peak Refuel also offers great packaging, but it is the same for all the items. Its bowl-shaped packaging is made up of high-quality, safe material.

Mountain House has five different types of packaging, and it will be your choice to select the packaging for your meal.

Time to cook:

Both of them take less time to cook. Peak Refuel only requires 10 minutes to cook after adding hot water. However, Mountain House also requires 10 minutes to cook. But Peak Refuel needs less water, while Mountain House requires more water.

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Storage life:

Both of their storage life spans are a lot. You can even eat Peak Refuel after five years of manufacturing without opening it. In comparison, Mountain House has 30 years of storage life. So, for shelf life, Mountain House is the preferred one.


Peak Refuel food price usually begins from $6 to more than $350. It offers multiple combo foods as well. But Mountain House's price starts from $4 to more than $130. So, this one is less expensive.

It offers food service to a single person for a year for $9 per day, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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Who Orders More?

Suppose you plan a trip with your family or friends rather than assigning each other each meal so there will be no burden on each individual. Just order your meal from Peak Refuel or Mountain House and enjoy your trip. There will be no hassle, as mentioned earlier.

Also, there will be no worries about the food's shelf life. Before going over a trip, decide everything about the food you want to order and enjoy. So, usually, campers order it or if you are going for outdoor activities.

Which Brand Is The Best?

Although both brands are amazing, with key differences, it depends on your choice. If you want more protein, fats, and other nutrients, go for peak Refuel. But if you require more storage life and packaging options, go for Mountain House.

Which Brand Is The Best

Comparison chart:

Following is the comparison chart for some food items between both Peak Refuel and Mountain House:




Peak Refuel

Mountain House

Total amount of Calories 



Total amount of fat

16 g

10 g

Total amount of Cholesterol 

115 mg

25 mg

Total amount of Carbs

27 g

37 g

Total amount of Proteins

18 g

11 g

Chicken Curry:

Chicken Curry


Peak Refuel

Mountain House

Total amount of Calories 



Total amount of fat

22 g

9 g

Total amount of Cholesterol 

50 mg

30 mg

Total amount of Carbs

33 g

29 g

Total amount of Proteins

22 g

13 g

Chicken And Rice:

Chicken And Rice


Peak Refuel

Mountain House

Total amount of Calories 



Total amount of fat

19 g

12 g

Total amount of Cholesterol 

90 mg

265 mg

Total amount of Carbs

30 g

46 g

Total amount of Proteins

20 g

7 g

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What is the shelf life of Peak Refuel?

Peak Refuels' shelf life is five years, less than Mountain House's.

Where is Peak Refuel located?

They are located in the USA and provide great service to the nation.

Why is Mountain House packaging good than Peak Refuel?

It offers five different kinds of packaging, while Peak Refuel only has the same packaging for all the items.


Wrap up:

Peak Refuel and Mountain House are amazing, but it depends on your preference. Some people like Peak Refuel more than Mountain House, and vice versa. However, they are both amazing; you won't regret buying from them.

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