The answer is a little bit complicated. No scientific evidence supports the claim that lime scares snakes away.

However, that doesn't mean it doesn't work. Some people believe that the strong citrus smell of lime is unpleasant to snakes, and that's why they stay away. Let's explore all about this myth!

Does Lime Keep Snakes Away? - Safety Guide

There's a myth that lime can keep snakes away, and you're probably wondering if there's any truth. So let's see whether this claim is true or not.

Snakes are known to be skittish by nature, so the mere presence of lime may be enough to make them go somewhere else. There's no harm in trying it out and seeing if it works for you.

But if you're looking for a more reliable way to keep snakes away, there are some other things you can do. Research has shown that while lime has some repellent properties, it's not as effective as people think.

It can attract snakes because they mistake it for food. And even if it does work to some extent, the benefit is only temporary because the snakes will eventually get used to the smell.

The Science of Senses

Well, the answer is a little complicated. Snakes have a keen sense of smell, and they're attracted to the scent of lime. So, if you're trying to keep them away, throwing limes at them isn't doing the trick.

But if you're looking to create a barrier around your property, lime can help. The acid in lime reacts with the calcium in concrete, which creates a hostile environment for snakes. They don't like cross barriers like that, so using lime around your property can help keep them at bay.

What Attracts Snakes?

What Attracts Snakes

Snakes are interested in mice, eggs, and warm blood. And while limes may or may not work to keep snakes away, you can use some other effective tricks to keep the snakes away from your property.

First, get rid of any clutter or piles of debris where snakes can hide. Second, install a fence around your property—a good fence will help keep snakes out and deter other animals, like coyotes, from coming in.

Finally, if you live in an area known for snakes, keep an eye out and contact a professional if you see one on your property. They'll be able to remove the snake safely and without harming it.

Do Limes Prevent Snakes?

Do Limes Prevent Snakes

You might have heard that limes can keep snakes away. But does this old wives' tale have any basis in science?

The answer is a little bit complicated. There are a few different ways that lime could theoretically keep snakes away. For one, the smell of lime can be overpowering for some snakes, driving them away from the area.

Another theory is that the citric acid in lime can make the snake's skin sticky, preventing it from slithering away. However, there's not much evidence to support this claim

In the end, there's no clear answer as to whether limes work to deter snakes. So if you're out in the wilderness and see a snake, your best bet is still to get away as fast as possible!

Which Lime is an Effective Snake Repellent?

Lime trees grow in different areas and have different varieties. Are all these snake repellents? Not all the lime will keep the snakes from entering your house.

Mostly, stinky odors help keep the snakes away from the yards and homes. So, lime trees with a bad smell will be more effective than those having a relatively pleasant smell.

Lemongrass Tree:

Lemongrass Tree

Out of all the lime types, lemongrass is a strong snake repellent. Its pungent smell keeps these dangerous creatures away from the area.

Lemongrass contains citrus acid in it that gives off a very stinky smell. This pungent odor keeps snakes, mosquitoes, and some other species away.

Though all the lemongrass plants work effectively against the snake entry, West Indian has proved the most effective. If you want to use lime as a reptile repellent, go for this category for the expected results.  

Pelletized Lime:

Pelletized Lime

Some believe pelletized lime also keeps the snake from entering the yards. Is this a fallacy or truth?

Different researchers tested the pelletized lime on live snakes to check whether this deterred them or not. Colorado State University conducted one such research.

Researchers at Colorado State University observed the effects of pelletized lime on snakes. After continuous observations, they concluded that this kind of lime doesn't prove effective against snakes.

So, the idea of pelletized lime being a strong snake repellent was no more than a fallacy. That's why using it to keep the reptiles away from yards is not a good idea.

How to Keep the Snakes From Entering Home?

Certain reasons may lead to snake infestation in your home or office area. However, with a few preventive measures, you can keep them away from your yards. Here are some ideas to make the home snake free.

Keep the Yard Well Maintained

Keep the Yard Well Maintained

When your yard grass, plants, and trees overgrow without sequence, they will invite different creatures. Snakes may also enter the area, which may lead to an emergency.

So, keeping the yard well-maintained is one of the best policies for keeping the snakes away. Spray pesticides well in time, ensure timely trimming, and follow other measurements to maintain yard growth.

Proper Garbage Handling

Proper Garbage Handling

When you don't handle your home garbage properly, different wild animals or reptiles may get shelter in it. Snakes will also take their way to the yard or home waste.

So, handle your home and yard waste effectively. It will help you keep the snakes away from your living premises. 

Trimmed Bush Handling

Trimmed Bush Handling

If you have dumped the trimmed bushes in a yard corner, these will also give shelter to the snakes and some other wild creatures. So, try to handle them properly soon after the trimming.

Clean the Debris Heaps

Like other shelters, debris heaps are also habitats of certain wild creatures. It will cause snake infestation too. So, ensure proper and in-time debris dumping to keep the homes snake free.  

Use Lime Peppermint Mixture

Use Lime Peppermint Mixture

What should you do if a snake gets into your home? Fortunately, certain effective homemade snake repellents will work for you in an emergency.  

Lime, though not a good snake repellent, works effectively when mixed with peppermint. Mix both ingredients and sprinkle the well-mixed mixture around your home or office perimeter.

Snakes hate the pungent smell of hot pepper and lime mixture. So, they will leave the area soon after applying the mixture.  

Take Professional Services

If none of the homemade techniques work, consider taking professional services to remove the snake from your home. We always recommend this method as it is the safest way to eliminate harmful creatures.  

Call a professional pest control agent; he will do all the essential measurements for you. This idea is the most effective way to eliminate wild creatures if they enter your home.


Lime alone prevents snake and other pest infestations in your yard, home, or office. However, when mixed with other strong chemicals, certain categories act as snake repellent.

A strong, pungent smell will keep the reptiles away from your home. So, if you are struggling with "does lime keep snakes away?", the above guide will help you a lot.

If you are setting out on a camping trip, ensure a proper understanding of safety measurements. With proper knowledge, your outdoor adventures will be quite secure. 
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