Bears are normally afraid of people and do not come unless they encounter some stimulation (like a strong smell of food). If you ignore them and let them do what they want, there is a great chance they will return. In this case, the situation might get out of hand. In this article, we will tell you the measures you need to take to keep the bear out of your yard and property.

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Ways To Keep Bear Out Of Your Yard

Bear sprays are one way to deter animals from coming near your home. However, bear spray can be dangerous if you use it incorrectly or have an allergic reaction. Here are some simple ways that help keep the bear out of the yard.

Put Garbage In Bear Proof Trash Cans

It is natural to have some garbage around while you live there, such as rotten fruit and packaging wrappers. A bear's sense of smell is the best of all land animals, so you must remember that when dealing with them. Food can be smelled 18 miles away by them.

Using the bear-proof trash can with a locking lid is best to keep the bear out of your place. While using the bear-proof trash cans, you must take other measures to stop the smell from spreading.

· Another choice is to store your trash cans in a lockable shed.

· As close to garbage pickup as you can, take out your rubbish.

· To prevent odors, bag your waste twice.

· Wash your trash cans frequently to reduce odors that linger.

· Spray ammonia on your trash to make it less likely for bears to rummage through it.

· Mixing bleach and ammonia will produce poisonous fumes, so never use these two together.

Remove Bird Feeders From Your Yard

Remove Bird Feeders From Your Yard

Bears are omnivore's means that they eat both plants and animals. The smell of the bird feeder is fascinating, and they have no problem going after the bird food. During summer, bears are likely to visit your yard for tasty snacks when they are out of hibernation.

· If you can't live without bird feeders, ensure it comes out only in winter.

· Hang bird feeders high if you do have them. Aim for at least 10 feet (3 meters) off the ground, away from trees.

· Be sure to sweep up the seed under the feeder routinely.

· You should stop putting out bird seed for at least a month if you notice a bear close to your bird feeders.

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Avoid Leaving Pet Food Outside

Pet foods have strong smells, and because of this, bears are very attracted to them. If you have any pets for food, feed them at home. After feeding your pet remember to clean the place. In any case, some pet food falls on the ground.

· If you must keep pet food outside, remember to bring it at night.

· Keep the pet food in air-tight boxes.

· Put the debris of pet food in a plastic bag before throwing them.

Clean The Barbecue Grill After Use

The idea of eating outside in your yard with your family is very exciting. Every one of us loves to have barbecue parties once in a while. But if you are living in rural areas with many bears beside you, remember that you are not the only one who loves barbecue parties.

There are very likely to have some uninvited guest that comes to join the after-party fun. So, to stop the uninvited guests from coming, clean the barbecue grill after using it. Follow these steps to clean your grill properly.

· Allow the fire to blaze up to burn off any leftover food particles on the grill.

· While the grill is still warm, clean it with a grill brush.

· To remove any remaining grease, clean the grill with a firm brush, dish soap, and warm water once it is barely warm to the touch.

· After cleaning the barbecue grill, please keep it where bears cannot reach it.

Clean the place where you have a barbecue party in case some food particle fall on the ground. After cleaning, spray disinfectants to remove the odor.

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Avoid Planting Fruit Trees In Your Yard

Avoid Planting Fruit Trees In Your Yard

Bears are attracted to every kind of food smell. Because of the color and odor of the fruits, bears are very attracted to them—the chance of the bear's attraction to fruit trees increases if they are not harvested on time.

· If you desire fruit trees, plant them as far away from your house as possible.

· Please place them in the back of your yard or property.

· Pick fruit as soon as it ripens, even if it's still a little green.

· You should also pick spoiled fruits that fall on the ground.

Keep Compost Heap At The Back End Of your Yard

Composting can be a real benefit for the gardener. If you must have a compost heap, keep it at the back end of the yard.

· In the compost pile, do not add meat and fruits with a strong odour, like melons and pineapple, because they strongly attract the bears.

· Add lime to reduce the odors.

· Regularly turn the pile.

· Sprays the bleach to keep the bears away.

Install Fencing

Install Fencing

Fencing works as a protective shield around your yard. Fence your yard or garden with electric fencing. It gives bears a shock but does not harm them. Bears can dig and climb well; therefore few things need to keep in mind while installing the fencing.

  • Use thick, woven, or chain-link wire when building a fence.
  • Keep it 2 feet (61 cm) under and at least 8 feet (2 m) up from the ground.
  • Add a few strands of barbed wire or electric fencing along the top.
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Add Deterrents To Your Yard

Install and make use of bear deterrents that are specifically made to keep animals off your property. Especially during the night, you can sleep without worry because these deterrents scare the bears away.

Humans design water sprays with infrared motion detectors to frighten off all kinds of animals, including bears.


In this article, we told you about the ways that help you to keep the bear out of your yard. Always be ready to have an encounter with a bear if you are living in a rural country. If you see a bear in your yard, act like a human and make a lot of noise. It will scare the bear away. When you encounter such a situation, don't get panic, and remember to keep pepper spray in your home to use in an emergency.

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