A male or female worker wasp can live up to 1 to 3 weeks without food, but this period can reduce up to 3 to 4 days if there are no water and food resources. The queen wasps have a comparably longer lifespan, but extremely hot and cold weather or no food can kill it.

These flying insects have great endurance and can cause real pain if they sting you. There is a lot more you should know about how long a wasp can live without food or water. We have elaborated on it with details. Read out to learn more.

Can Wasps Live Without Food And Water?

Wasps can live for several days or weeks without food and water, depending on their type and other characteristics. But in most species, the survival period is only 3 to 4 days with food and water.

Paper wasps are highly sensitive to dehydration and can die without water. However, they can live up to 10 days inside the house before getting dehydrated. Wasps usually eat larvae and insects and suck the nectar of plants. They also rely on honey, fruits and human food. But they eat only small quantities to survive for longer periods.

How Long Can A Wasp Live Without Food?

How Long Can A Wasp Live Without Food

The complex lifecycle of a wasp decides how long it will live without food. The lifecycle varies among species, each with varying stages from larva to pupa and adult. Usually, they can survive for days or weeks without food resources, but sometimes they can live longer.

Some wasps can go without eating for 1 to 2 weeks, but they start to feed on larvae, insects, and other foods to survive. If a wasp is alone, it will die earlier than living in a swarm.

Survival Based On Species Food Type

Wasps can be carnivorous or insectivorous, and their diet also determines how long they will live.

  • Wasps feeding on nectar will get sugar content in their body. These sugars increase metabolism, making them highly energetic to live. But this energy won’t last long, and the wasps will die sooner, within one or two days.
  • Carnivorous wasps have dense calories in the body and slow metabolism. They last longer than sugar-eating wasps.
Survival Based On Species Food Type

Influence of Weather

Like food dependency, wasps have temperature sensitivity that plays a major role in determining their lifespan. If the weather is too hot, the wasp will die of dehydration or overheating. But in cold weather, they show different behaviors.

If the temperature suddenly gets cold, the wasp won’t develop adaptability for survival and will die quickly. However, the queen wasp overwintering in hibernation will enter into a dormant state to survive longer to wake up again to restore food needs by the body.

Lifespan Based on Class Ranking

Wasps have a different class ranking from worker to queen wasp. Worker wasps live less than a queen and have better energy levels. On the other hand, the queen wasp lives for several years.

Like bears or other animals that pack on calories to survive certain weather, queen wasps have similar survival patterns.

How Long Can A Red Wasp Live Without Food?

How Long Can A Red Wasp Live Without Food

Red wasps can cause trouble if they reside indoors, as they can live for months. But an individual waps will die within ten days if food and water are unavailable.

These wasps eat pollen and nectar from plants but can also eat insects and their larvae. Some adult wasps that feed on sugar will die sooner compared to ones feeding on meat.

Black wasps are also common and are not aggressive. They feed on sugar and can’t survive long without food. A black wasp can live between 2 to 6 days if no food is available indoors.

How Long Can A Queen Wasp Live Without Food?

Queen wasps can live for several weeks without food compared to other wasps. But their survival is only possible if they are cold enough to hibernate. They can enter into dormancy if the temperatures are too cold.

On hot days if they are trapped somewhere with no food and water resources, survival won’t happen longer than a few days to weeks.

What Temperature Kills Wasp?

Temperature getting lower than 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit can kill wasps. This temperature vulnerability is due to the lack of protective coating which bees and other insects have to survive in cold weather.

It is necessary to hibernate in such conditions, which most fertilized female wasps do while laying eggs during hibernation. With the arrival of summer or late spring, eggs turn into adult waps.

This is the period when most wasps get inside your home to seek warmth.

Helpful Tips To Know About How Long Can A Wasp Live

Wasps can cause trouble if they become aggressive, but they are also beneficial for your garden as a source of pollination. You have nothing to do about wasps that live outdoors, but dealing with ones living indoors is important.

Here are some tips to help you learn more about how long wasps can live without food:

  • A wasp without a head lives longer than wasps with attached heads. It is a common notion that maybe these wasps pick their head later to fly off.
  • If you see a wasp that isn’t moving, do not assume it is dead. Even if it’s about to die, its resilience will help them to sting you.
  • Wasps can sting several times at the same spot and can prove lethal. Instead of waiting for trapped wasps in your to die of starvation, try your best to get rid of them.


Can Wasps Survive Without Oxygen?

No, wasps can not survive without oxygen. The lack of oxygen leads to suffocation to their death. If you want to remove wasps from your home, try to block the air they need for breathing. A wasp can only hold its breath for up to five minutes.

What Kills Wasps Instantly?

The easiest and highly effective trick to kell asps instantly is to prepare a mixture of dish soap and water. Add the solution inside the spray bottle and spray it over their nest or on an alone wandering wasp.

How Long Does It Take For A Wasp To Die Naturally?

Depending on their species types, wasps die naturally after 12 to 22 days. They live shorter, but the queen wasp can live for a year or more.

Wrapping Up

If wasps have entered your home and can find plenty of food or fruits, forget about their death. However, if no food and water resources are available, they will live shortly and die of starvation and dehydration.

Queen wasps live more without food than worker wasps, and similarly, sugar-eating wasps also die within less time. One to three weeks is hardly possible for a wasp to live without food.

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