It depends on multiple factors like Tree species, environment, how you store it, etc. But, an advanced method to dry firewood electrically is called "Kiln drying." It is one of the best methods that remove moisture from the firewood faster.

Factors On Which Firewood Depends To Dry:  Complete Guide 2023:

Following are some of the factors on which firewood depends to dry. All of them are written above, but we will briefly discuss them here. You can also watch it:

Factors On Which Firewood Depends To Dry

Tree Species:

First, discuss the wood you use, called "Tree species." Some types of wood are thicker, so it will take more time to dry. So, it is dependent on its nature.

Environmental Condition:

It is another significant factor that affects how much time it will take to dry. If the wood is not fresh, it takes less time to dry as its moisture would have been dried already. But, if the wood is freshly cut, it will take much longer to dry as it has to put some more energy into drying its moisture first.

So, as compared to freshly cut firewood, well-seasoned firewood will easily dry, along with multiple benefits. It will produce less smoke and burn hotter.

If you have bought green wood containing more moisture, dry it as soon as possible. Also, it's a cheap process.


As you know, temperature greatly impacts how long it will take to dry. But wood has a great nature that quickly dries in the spring season. Also, if you live in a humid climate, it will dry if it is stored properly.

Way of Storage:

As mentioned earlier, storing the firewood properly will help speed up the entire procedure in the following ways:

  • Firstly, lift it off the ground by using any pallet.
  • Also, don't forget to cover the log tops to prevent rain. Otherwise, the rain will delay the entire procedure but let the sides open for airflow.

Tips for drying the wood quickly:

Following are some of the most helpful tips to dry wood faster:

Speedy air flow:

As mentioned earlier, more airflow will help the logs to dry faster. Try to stack the wood over the ground so the air will circulate underneath. So this way, the air will flow throughout the wood or log.

Place the logs in sunlight:

Sunlight is the best and most natural way to remove moisture or to dry the log properly. Cut wood into small pieces, then spread the logs in an open area where the sunlight can reach them. This way, it will absorb the heat and be dried.

Place the logs in the right way:

The edges are open to air and sunlight if the logs are correctly positioned. Then, the moisture content will be decreased because most of the moisture is present over the corners. So, if the center is exposed to wind, it won't dry properly. So, it's important to keep the logs in the right position.

What Is Kiln Drying?

Kiln drying is an advanced procedure to dry wood. Suppose you have chosen to dry the wood by yourself. Then this is one of the best techniques lumbers use to remove moisture.

It's an effective procedure where the wood is placed in a machine. This machine or chamber will provide more heat, so the moisture starts evaporating. In some time, the moisture content will be reduced to 5-10%, which is an ideal percentage. However, Kiln drying is not only specified to one chamber, machine, or procedure but is done in various ways.

Many Kiln drying service providers will place the wood into the machines. These are mostly available at a gas station that starts heating it over 160 degrees for almost 70-80 minutes. But, in this procedure, the moisture percentage will remain at 20-30%. Also, their main focus is to remove bugs and insects from the wood more than moisture. But, Kiln drying is an effective method that is great to opt for. You can also watch it:

What Is Kiln Drying

How To Know If The Logs Are Seasoned Or Not?

From the following factors, you can easily get to know if the logs are seasons or not:


As you know that when the logs are seasoned, their color fades. By color, you can easily indicate them if logged. Its color becomes greyish and dull from fresh logs.

Aroma and weight:

Aroma is also a great indicator, and you can also indicate whether the log is seasoned or not. If you smell a strong aroma, then it means that it is damp.

Another great way to indicate its weight. If the wood is dried, it will weigh less than the greenwood.


Cracks are always found over dry wood. Whenever the wood dries, it starts to shrink, which creates these cracks. These are one of the best indicators because you can never find cracks in greenwood.

How to Check the Moisture Percentage inside a Wood?

Check moisture percentage is not difficult at all. With the help of a moisture meter, you can easily check the moisture percentage. It's a small device that can be carried in your hands easily.

It shows the percentage over its digital screen, along with two prongs over it. You need to insert those prongs into the center of the log and check the moisture level. The perfect percentage is when the wood only contains approximately 15-20%.

You can also watch it:

How to Check the Moisture Percentage inside a Wood


Is it possible to burn unseasoned firewood?

Yes, it is possible, but it's an extremely difficult procedure, so it's better not to burn unseasoned firewood.

What is an ideal moisture percentage?

An ideal moisture percentage is almost 15-20%.

Is greenwood cheaper than dry wood?

Yes, it's cheaper than dry wood but it needs more effort to dry.

Wrap Up:

These are some of the simple and easiest steps to help you dry the wood. However, it will still take months to dry, but at least the procedure will be done fastly. Also, don't forget to buy a moisture meter, which will benefit you.

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