A campfire provides warmth to you and other people. But, your little mistake can lead to heat loss. So, in this article, we will share some tips on how to make the fire bigger.

Tips for Making the Fire Burn Hotter-Complete Guide 2023

As the fire burns, more energy is released, providing more heat. But how? By increasing its temperature through coal, wood, or anything else. It's important to burn the fuel source more than automatically. Fire will burn hotter, and its temperature will increase.

Following are some of the ways how to make a fire bigger or to burn it hotter.
Tips for Making the Fire Burn Hotter

Drying the Wood:

Firstly, you require dry wood to burn the fire as you know that wood has a moisture content. So, dry wood takes less time to dry as its moisture would have been dried already. But, if the wood is freshly cut, it will take much longer to dry as it has to put some more energy into drying its moisture first. But some moisture is still left in it, so you must dry it properly. Otherwise, fire will not burn.

You can dry it with sunlight as it is the best and most natural way to remove moisture. Cut wood into small pieces, then spread the logs in an open area where the sunlight can reach them. This way, it will absorb the heat and be dried. But, if you don't want to do this, these logs are easily available in the local stores. Buy them from there.

Size and Type of Wood:

The two important elements that matter the most are the size and type of wood. Medium-sized logs will surely be perfect for you. You need to put a smaller log size so that the center is exposed to wind, and at every part of the log, air will circulate easily. So, it's important to take the logs of the correct size.

The best kind of wood for a campfire is softwood, which is denser than dry wood. So, they are the best to burn the fire hotter. You also have an option to mix up the softwood with the firewood. But it's important to keep hardwoods with you while on a trip. If you require any of it to lower fire, then they are useful.

Teepee Shape:

It's a conical shape that allows you to burn the fire at an ideal temperature of a campfire. Airflow is perfectly made through this shape that will fire to ignite more.

You have to set it by vertically putting two stacks and then adding the third one over it. Now add some kindling and tinder to light the fire from the center. After the fire is lit, add another log to ignite it vertically.

Teepee Shape

Fire Pit:

It is another important thing because heat retention is entirely dependent on it. So, you must use the best type of material for it. So, it tends to absorb the heat rather than escape because of more heat. You can use steel, stone, bricks, etc., but only these materials in your fire pit. If you already have this kind of fire pit, then it is perfect for you. But, if not, you can add these things to your existing fire pit or buy a new one.

Another advanced option is also available for you "fire reflectors." It helps in controlling the flame and is a great investment opportunity.

Requires Oxygen:

In tip three, we have told about the Teepee shape that provides Oxygen to fire. Try to stack the wood over the ground so the air will circulate underneath. So this way, the air will flow throughout the wood or log. Oxygen helps ignite the heat, so you must have anything for air.

Like Bellow, some of them are available at stores, and you can also make them in newspapers by folding them. It helps to provide Oxygen to the fire. If you don't have a bellow or any newspaper, you can also use a hand fan.

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Fire Starter:

Sometimes it becomes challenging to ignite the fire. But fire starters are the perfect solution to your [problem if you are facing it. You can buy them from the stores according to the size of your setup, as they are available in multiple sizes. Smaller fires can be lit by wood chips, twin balls, etc.

There are multiple ways to make your fire starters at home:

  • Bunch of cotton with petroleum jelly
  • Put some dried orange peel inside the fire
  • Cotton pads soaked in melted candle wax
Fire Starter

Is There Any Way To Burn The Fire Safely?

As you already know, fire is dangerous, so be careful while doing anything with fire. But, to burn the fire safely, you must select an appropriate place where the fire cannot be caught by anything, like trees. It must be built over a proper surface where it can't combust with any material. While building a fire in an open area, ensure to be at least 10 feet away from any cars, buildings, etc.

Always wear gloves while holding the fire pit; otherwise, it can burn your hands. After doing a campfire and going to bed must extinguish the fire properly and satisfy yourself whenever the fire is burning. Never leave it unattended.

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Does fire get hotter the longer it burns?

Yes, it will get longer with the rate increase.

What are the types of softwoods that are great for a campfire?

Following are the types of softwoods great for the campfire:

1: Fir wood

2: Buckeye wood

3: Poplar wood

4: Cedar wood

Wrap Up:

From the tips mentioned above, you can easily burn it hotter. But, as already told, you must be very careful because if you ever lack anything, it might become extremely dangerous.

Also, while going on a campfire, don't forget to keep some extra firewood in case you need them.

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