Due to its extra comfort feature, one may wonder, 'can you sleep on an air mattress permanently?' These beds have exclusive health features, but whether using them permanently is good or not, it is debatable talk.

We will disclose some benefits and risks of using your air mattress permanently. Keep scrolling to explore all facts!

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Can You Sleep on an Air Mattress Permanently? - Fun Facts

Inflated air mattresses provide maximum comfort for sleeping. But their long-term use has some advantages and possible health effects.

We have discussed the most obvious advantages of these air beds and the major risks of using them permanently. This analysis will help you to figure out “whether can you sleep on an air mattress permanently or not?”.

Advantages of Using Air Mattress

Air mattresses have prominent advantages that make them unique innovations of the time. Here are some advantages associated with these beds.

Great Mobility

Mostly, people love using air mattresses for their camping trips. Why are they common for such adventures?

It is because they are easy to carry. The lightweight air beds let them fit in a little space within your luggage bag.

Moreover, they are quite easy to inflate even when your air pump is not working. Some creative tricks can help you blow the air mattress without a pump. All these features have made them a unique invention of the era.

Cost Effective Beds

Are you looking for a comfortable bed within a tight budget? Your search is over, as you can purchase an extra comfortable air bed within a tight budget. However, you can't get a sofa or conventional bed in the same price range.

You can even get an air bed for $20 - $30. If you want a bed for regular use, consider investing in a better-quality one. In short, an air mattress is a cost-effective alternative to conventional beds.

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Space Saving Choice

If you have a tight living space, any permanent addition to it will create possible trouble. However, an air mattress will bring additional comfort to your life without any disturbance due to tight space.

As an air mattress is quite easy to deflate within two minutes, you can wrap it after use. It will provide you with maximum space for cooking, washing, etc.

So, an air mattress is a great choice for people living in tight apartments. Moreover, you can also use them for your camping tours; these easily fit in your backpack.

Possible Risks of Using Air Mattress Permanently

Though air beds provide maximum comfort, their permanent use also accompanies possible risks. Here are some disadvantages of using an air mattress for a long time.

No Proper Body Support

No Proper Body Support

On average, each person spends almost eight hours in bed at night. During this time, proper body support is necessary for maximum comfort.  

If your body doesn't get proper support, you'll feel aching body parts the very next morning. Air mattresses don't provide good support to the hip, shoulder, spine, and other body parts.

If you sleep on your back, you need a firm mattress that provides enough support to your spine. But an air mattress, unfortunately, doesn't provide good support for such people who sleep upfront.  

So, using air beds for a long time is not a good option. If you do so for an extended period, you'll feel pain in your body parts and joints.

Inflating your mattress without a pump is easy with creative DIY tricks. It is possible only when you know how to inflate an air mattress without a pump.

Poor Temperature Regulation System

Poor Temperature Regulation System

Different researchers have concluded that proper environmental temperature is necessary for a comfortable sleep. If the room, or even our bed, doesn't have the desired temperature, we will not feel fresh in the morning.  

According to scientists, the ideal sleeping temperature is between 60°F - 68°F. But air beds are hotter and don't offer the desired temperature.  

Air mattresses have synthetic materials, so they don't allow proper air circulation. This fact makes them relatively warmer than the desired temperatures for good sleep.

Using air beds occasionally is justifiable, but their permanent use may cause fatigue and some other issues of this type. So, ensure a proper gap between each use of your air bed.

How to Improve Long-Term Mattress Experience?

Using an air mattress for a long time is risky, it's true, but you can improve your experience with some preventive measures. Here are some tips to help you feel better even after long sleeping on an air bed.

Regular Inflation and Deflation

The experience of an air mattress will go well with its regular inflation and deflation. This bed features a material that becomes stiff if you don't deflate it after each use, so avoid leaving it inflated for a prolonged time.

When you inflate and deflate the air bed regularly, it will not stretch permanently. Permanent inflation may also cause the tearing of your air mattress.

When you constantly inflate and deflate the bed, its material will contract. So, your experience with the bed will be great every time.

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When it comes to camping, one of the most important things to consider is your sleeping setup. After all, you want to be comfortable when you are out in the wilderness! One popular option for campers is an air mattress.

Invest in a Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers add to the comfort of an air bed, and you do not feel aching anymore. So. Invest in good bed pads for a smooth and comfortable sleep experience over an air mattress for a long time.

The foam and fibers filled in the air bed toppers make their exclusive items. If you want to use your air mattress to sleep on it permanently, it is good to use pads. Otherworldly, you may have to suffer through some bodily pain.

Using Quality Bed Sheets

Though bed sheets don't add much to your comfort, these are great for avoiding temperature reactions. Poor temperature regulation is one of the major drawbacks of air mattresses, so using a quality sheet will prevent this issue.

Moreover, a bed sheet will help keep the air mattress clean. You can wash the sheets easily when they become dirty or messy.


Air mattresses are great for occasional use, like for a night's rest during camping trips. But some people use them as a bed at home, which is not a good practice.

Permanent use of an air mattress may lead to health issues, so it's good to learn 'can you sleep on an air mattress permanently?'. If you have to use an air bed to sleep on it regularly, you can improve your experience with some easy tricks.

Use any of the techniques mentioned above to add maximum comfort to your air bed. Stay tuned for more outdoor activity updates.

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