Bugs find it troubling to see many colors. Some bugs are attracted to one light source while the light source repels the others.

If you are in search of the colors which repel the bugs, then you are at the right place. The available research shows that the bugs mostly attract short wavelengths like ultraviolet rays. The bugs more easily detect these rays. In comparison, the bugs cannot bear the light of longer wavelengths like Red, Orange, and yellow.

Specific types of light color that don’t attract the bugs:

The lights that produce more heat attract more bugs than the cool color lights, as a LED light bulb has fewer UV light rays and a cooling effect. Therefore it is not good to attract the bugs. The LED light  with yellow Color is good for not drawing the bugs. The incandescent bulb is a great source of attracting bugs. The best light that I will recommend to keep the bugs away is:

  • Halogen bulbs
  • Cooled light LED bulb

You can also purchase specific types of yellow light, which produces a small number of UV rays that keeps the bugs away.

Colors that are not favorable for the bugs:


Not all the insects and bugs have the same Color to hate. Like horseflies hate black and white, whereas house flies hate the yellow Color. The University of Florida researched that the house always flies away from yellow color stuff, so if you live in an area where flies are too much, you must wear yellow.

Whereas horseflies hat the black and white stripes like the zebra dress. The university students prove this fact through an experiment with the sea horse.

So if you are going to an area where you have to face the community of horseflies , you must choose the black and white color strip dress.

You will be astonished that the spider and their related family members hate the light blue Color. So mostly, people use the light blue Color on their porches to keep this eight-eyed insect away from their home

My suggestion will be in this regard to suspend the light high above. Then, if the bugs come on the illumination, they will not bother you. Also, use the red flash torch for reading as it is not good to attract the bugs.

Which one of the Color invisible to all insects?

One of the common Colors which is not visible to all insects is Red. Because it’s a visual spectrum of a longer wavelength than yellow and orange, it seems impossible for the bugs to see the red Color. It’s a great work to make string and Christmas lights with the red Color. They see black instead of red Color.

Why all the insects are attracted to the light source:

Several types of research reveal the reason for the bug attraction toward the light source. Mostly insects and moths use the natural light of the moon for navigation. The study shows the result in the form of photo axis theory. The creatures like moths, bugs, and flies have a positive phototactic attraction toward the light. While the negative phototactic move away from the light like the earthworms, cockroaches, etc.

One theory explains that most bugs find their path clear in the morning and start moving straightly towards it. Another approach is that the bugs are attracted to UV light bulbs as they consider the UV light was reflecting from the flower to the bulb the same thing. The most important result from all theories is that bugs use light for navigation.

Use of other insect repellent or natural remedies to keep the bugs away instead of the colors:

To use the water repellent spray or red Color, you can use many other ways to keep yourself away from the bugs while camping or riding. The best way is to use the natural things spray on your clothes to keep the insects away from you.

Essential oils like eucalyptus oil, lemongrass oil, and peppermint oil are good to spray to keep the bugs away from the clothes instead of cheap and generic bugs spray. At the same time, the dilute vinegar is also good for spraying down your clothes. At the same time, the dryer sheets are an excellent option to repel the insects away due to the unpleasant smell of the bugs. You can also watch this video:

Plants can also use to keep the bugs away from your living places garlic, lavender, peppermint, rosemary, and catnip.

Otherwise, use the mosquito net,  citronella candles , and tiki torches. You can also use the bird feeder as birds eat the most bugs.

The Color that attracts the bugs:

Many wild pests like bees and wasps like yellow Colors, whereas mostly bugs cannot see the yellow Color. Pollen beetles also like the yellow Color. The expert suggests avoiding the yellow Color during summer, especially for camping or some forest activity. Despite this, some harmless insects like butterflies like the yellow Color.

It also loves the orange or red Color as they give the flower look. At the same time, the dark colors are loved by the creatures like mosquitoes and horseflies. But the mosquito hates the forest green and navy blue color. Horseflies mostly attack a person who is wearing black and brown Color. In contrast, the simple bees come in purple, violet, and blue.

Mostly asked questions:

Do bugs have some favorite colors?

Many bugs prefer some colors while others have their own choice. It entirely depends upon their inherited factor.

What Color of the house attracts the bugs most?

If there are a lot of insects in your home, then you should avoid the neon color, especially the Color which has that variation of yellow and white.

What colors can the bugs see?

All insects cannot see all the colors. However, all the insects are not able to see the red Color. Flies can see the ultraviolet and green. Bees can see the ultraviolet, blue and yellow.

Is green the favorite Color of the insects?

The most attractive Color for the insects is Yellow with a percentage of 51.3%, the second most attractive Color is orange with a share of 22%, and green comes on the third number with a portion of the 7.2%.

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Final words

So if you are preparing for a trip or planning camping, you must read the instructions about the bugs and choose the right material. You can make the right color selection which is better to keep the bugs away from us, adopt the natural remedies to keep yourself safe from the bugs, and the last thing, the best source of the light like LED lights. These things will make your camping safe and enjoyable.

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