You can place a folded blanket, add more cushions, place pool noodles, increase mattress thickness and use a self-inflating pad to make your RV sofa bed more comfortable. The extra padding will help make it more comfy and relaxing.

Whether you have a Jack Knife or any other RV sofa bed, ensuring maximum comfort might be your priority. Therefore, we have enlisted some highly effective methods to make an RV sofa bed more comfortable.

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Why Is My RV Sofa Bed So Uncomfortable?

Why Is My RV Sofa Bed So Uncomfortable

Due to their lightweight and easy mobility, RV sofa beds are quite popular. The most exciting part is transforming a sitting sofa into a comfy sleeping bed. But what makes them uncomfortable to sleep on?

Here are some reasons why your RV sofa bed doesn’t feel comfortable:

Uneven Surface

Usually, an RV sofa bed doesn’t feel comfortable due to uneven or hard surface that makes it difficult to sleep on.

Irregular Gaps

There are gaps between the seat of the sofa and its back which make the sofa uncomfortable in bed form.

Designed To Save Space

RV sofa beds are specifically designed to save space in the RV, which slightly compromises the comfiness. You can easily place them in an RV or any other small space.

Lacks A Mattress

Most RV sofa beds are made from leather, which is uncomfortable for sleeping. A bed without a mattress isn’t too good for sleeping.

How To Make RV Sofa Bed More Comfortable?

Though there are plenty of reasons for reduced or less comfort in RV sofa beds, you can try several ways to make them more comfortable. Without worrying about design, material, and features, you can easily increase your comfort level in an RV sofa bed by these methods:

Keep It Clean & Get Rid of Sagginess

Reducing sagginess and ensuring cleanliness will increase comfort when sleeping.  It is highly suggested to properly clean your RV sofa bed with a handheld vacuum to pick up crumbs or dust. Wipe off all the dirt and stains because sleeping on a dirty surface is the most uncomfortable thing.

Sometimes, concentrated pressure creates dents in the sofa bed, making it saggy. A saggy sofa bed won’t provide arch support and make sleeping uncomfortable. You must also flip the mattress regularly to reduce pressure on one side.

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Add Comforter Or Blanket

If you have an extra quilt or blanket, place it over your RV sofa bed to make it more comfortable. It depends on your choice to add as many blankets or comforters as you prefer to ensure maximum comfort.

Just spread the blanket on the entire surface in layers by creating a fluffy bed to sleep in.

Add Comforter Or Blanket

Increase Thickness With Mattress Topper

If you want the best camping adventure by setting on long journeys, you must sleep adequately to stay fresh. No one likes sleepless camping nights. So, get a mattress topper for your RV sofa bed before moving out.

These mattresses aren’t very thick but will help level lumps and bumps. For hot weather, we recommend using a cotton or microfiber mattress topper. You can also use a gel-infused mattress topper to stay cool on hot nights.

If you are in an RV in cold weather, you should get a memory foam mattress topper for your sofa bed.

Fill Up Gaps With Pool Noodles

Fill Up Gaps With Pool Noodles

When an RV sofa is turned into a bed, several gaps form between the seat and the back of the sofa. These gaps make it uncomfortable to sleep at night. To fill up the gaps, you can get pool noodles. Pool noodles are made of foam and are best to increase comfort.

Add these pool noodles beneath the mattress topper to make the surface even. You might not need pool noodles if you use a base other than a mattress topper.

Make Comfy Sofa Pad

You can make your own comfy sofa pad to sleep comfortably on your RV sofa bed. You can use this method if you don’t find the right size. The pad will increase its thickness; you can do it with thread, wool, cotton fabric, measuring tape, and scissors.

  • Cut the cotton fabric into two parts matching the size of the sofa bed.
  • Sew the three sides of the fabric by leaving one side as it is to create an envelope.
  • Add wool or cotton batting inside the envelope to enhance thickness.
  • Sew the fourth end to seal the envelope properly.
  • Place the pad over the RV sofa bed to sleep comfortably.

Add Self Inflating Air Pad

You can get a self-inflating air pad to make the RV sofa bed thick. The air infusion in these pads occurs automatically to make the surface relax to sleep in. When not in use, you can release the air from the pad and fold it to pack for the next use.

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Invest In Egg Crate Foam Pad

With the variety of pads and mattresses, an egg crate foam pad is another best solution to make an RV sofa bed more comfortable. These pads are soft and have egg-like bumps to ensure breathability.

You can get any size of this pad and place it over an RV sofa bed. You can also alter the size by cutting its edges to fit better in your place.

Invest In Egg Crate Foam Pad

Add Extra Cushions

Place pillows and cushions on your RV sofa bed to make it comfortable. Whatever thickness and softness you prefer, adding it to the RV sofa bed is easy. But do not overload the sofa bed with unnecessary cushioning.

Can You Put A Regular Sofa Bed In An Rv?

Unfortunately, the household furniture isn’t made to fit inside the RV. Any RV furniture is flexible and can be disassembled to fit. You must be careful when buying sofa beds for your RV and do not get items you normally use at home by considering they will adjust inside the RV.

However, if you have residential furniture of a suitable size to fit inside the RV. This will provide comfort along with saving you money. You must consider the weight of the furniture before planning your travel.

Can You Put A Regular Sofa Bed In An Rv


Can I Replace My RV Couch With Recliners?

With more advancement, replacing old RV furniture with a new one is possible. You can change the complete dinette and replace it with a new one. The same is for theater seats, jackknife sofas, and recliners.

How Thick Of A Mattress Can You Put On A Sofa Bed?

Adding 5 inches if the ideal thickness to your sofa bed is recommended. Though extra thickness might not fit your RV sofa bed, it will ensure comfort and offer maximum arch support.

How Is RV Furniture Different?

RV furniture is totally different from regular household items as you can assemble and disassemble it to fit in place. You can easily transport it due to its lightweight, portability, and good quality materials that stay firm even on bumpy road traveling.

Wrapping Up

A hiker and traveler's dream is to have an RV to enjoy the best moments in nature without compromising the comfort they experience at home. Such a great experience is possible if you sleep comfortably on your RV sofa bed.

Though the comfort level might not match home, you can try different methods to make your RV sofa bed more comfortable.

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