At the same time, complete combustion produces Oxygen and releases water vapours in the air. In short, incomplete combustion produces air pollution, which harms human health. Sometimes incomplete combustion also produces suffocation due to the byproduct of the carbon monoxide.

Way of the production of smokeless fire:

You can make a smokeless fire using charcoal, paper and dry woods. On the other hand, make sure that the place where are you burning the fire must be dry.

And also, use the dry grass and needles to make the fire smokeless. I am going to explain the different methods by using other fuels to make the fire smokeless:

Production of the upside-down fire:

Creating an upside-down fire produces less Smoke. Then all the gases which make Smoke are collected at the bottom of a campfire.

Then these gases pass within the flames, burn out, and produce no smoke. To drive such type of Smoke:
  1. Take the dry logs of wood.
  2. Place the bigger ones at the bottom and the smaller ones above them.
  3. Make sure that the records” ends meet one another in a circle.
  4. Use the paper folded balls.

Please place them in the woods and then ignite the fire with the help of a kindle. The paper balls will play the role of firelighter and make the fire easy to burn without Smoke. This type of fire method will produce the Smoke initially, but once the fire takes its full form, it will burn without Smoke.

Production of the upside-down fire

Paper and charcoal usage:

Paper and charcoal are fuss-free goods. Paper and charcoal/coal are the too much better source to produce the smoke-free fire. Old newspapers are a good source of the paper fire.

Otherwise, using coal has Smoke initially, but once the coal burns, it gives a lot of heat, which will greatly benefit camping. To make the fire with the paper:

  1. Use the dry and brittle wood logs because they burn easily and quickly.
  2. Arrange all the wood logs in a triangle form so there would be a hole when you look down from the top.
  3. Drop the papers or the coal in the hole

These papers will be the kindle to ignite the fire. To give strength to the fire, add some coal to it.

 Paper and charcoal usage

Usage of twigs for smokeless fire:

Fire burns with dry twigs can keep you warm for an hour or two in the evening. Use the ideally dry pencil-sized twigs as you can. You can easily find on the ground where too many trees are. Place these twigs on the dried leaves and grass.

And you can also use the paper as a kindle or firelighter. And the twigs will be the fuel. When you ignite the fire, it will produce the Smoke at first, and after a few minutes or seconds, it will disappear. And you can add the twigs to the fire until the fire remains Smoke-free.

Usage of twigs for smokeless fire

Dakota Fire pit:

Dakota fire pit is a great source of smokeless fire or cooking during camping. It will be a great benefit for cooking than a camping fire. To make the fire pit, dig a hole 4 to 5 inches wide. The fire pit has a deepness that must be 1 foot. And wide the spot as you wish.

Then from the origin where you started to do work, dig another hole of 8 inches wide and explore it in deep so that the base of this whole will meet the bottom of the near one big hole. You will make a tunnel system so that one floor will open into the other.

Make sure that the second hole will be the air source for the first one. Now ignite the fire in the first one with the help of dry woods. Then you can use this fire for cooking by placing the cookware on the first hole. This steady fire will not bother the people around us.

Fire pit used to produce the smokeless fire:

The fire pit is also a good gear to produce smoke-free fire. To make a good fire in the fire pit, use the dry wood logs and place them in it. Use the paper balls as a firelighter. After ignition, it can produce a flame for several hours without Smoke.

Substitute to produce the heat without Smoke:

You can use many other ways to create a smokeless not necessarily during camping but on other sites as well; you can use these sources:

  • Propane heaters
  • Electric Heaters
  • Propane fire pits
  • Camping stoves
  • Standing portable stoves

Is it good to create a smokeless fire? :

We make a lot of efforts to make the fire smokeless and for the little result. Once you adopt a method to produce a smokeless fire will not be a typical task for you. The reasons for which we are making these are as follows:

Our Atmosphere:

Smokeless fire is beneficial for the environment. It is good for the environment and the biotic or abiotic factors. It provides carbon monoxide-free air to insects, plants and animals.

Our Health:

Smoke is not good for the lungs due to carbon monoxide, which creates suffocation. So Smoke-free is good for health.

Cooking purpose:

Food cooked on a smoky fire tastes like Smoke, but it does not matter. But the pieces of ash in smoky fire will not be bearable. Food has no taste of Smoke cooked on a smokeless fire.


All the fuel burns in the smokeless fire. This fire produces more heat and is good for cooking and heating purposes.

Best Fuels to produce the smokeless fire:

The best fuels that you must keep to make a smokeless fire are elaborated as follows:

  • Dry grass, twigs and small branches are the best fuel to burn without Smoke. But make sure that they must be bone dry.
  • Paper, especially old newspaper, can prove a better kindly and firelighter.
  • Anthracite and coke, the best product of coal, are the two excellent fuel that probably produces more heat
  • You must use the organic carbon material to create a smokeless fire.
  • Otherwise, the dry animal dunk is also be used for this purpose.


How can you make a fire without the usage of the kindle?

You know that friction is the most common way to produce discord if you have no kindle. You can create the fire by rubbing the stones, using the wood with the bow and hand drill.

What do you know about the clear fire?

Clear fire produces transparent Smoke and usually in the blue colour flame. Its Smoke is nearly clear and thin, unlike the Smoke of usual fire is dark and grey.

How can you burn a smokeless fire?

Use the dry and aged woods to make the fire smokeless. Avoid green woods. Burn the fire in a moist free place. Make a constant flow of air to burn the fire.

Which type of wood is better for firewood?

Oak is the best wood to burn because it is hard and dense. It takes more time to burn and continues for a long time.

Finally Verdict

The Smoke in fire is produced due to incomplete combustion. To reduce the Smoke, use the dry woods, twigs, paper and charcoal as the Smoke creates not well for the health and the environment and also reduces the efficiency of the fire. So if you are going on camping, use the smokeless fuels to burn the fire.

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