Are you wondering whether BMX Bikes are good for long distances? The answer is simple - No, BMX Bikes are not good for long distances due to their unique design, which offers maximum speed but the least comfort during long-distance traveling.

Though BMX Bikes are a combination of bicycles and motocross, they are more suitable for short distances, stunts, and racing off-road. This suitability is because of their frame, length, and low tires that do not go well for long distances.

However, many people use BMX bikes for commuting, but it will be tiring for you if you can’t get a chance to extend your legs when pedaling. In this post, we have elaborated on why BMX bikes are not good for long distances and some reliable alternatives.

Are BMX Bikes Good For Long Distance?

BMX Bikes are not specifically designed for long-distance traveling. These are undoubtedly perfect for high speed. You get several benefits due to their lightweight and fast pace, but you can’t travel to cover long distances.

Comparably, heavier bikes are better for long distances due to their stability and large-sized wheels to ride easily on tough terrain or move up hills. The weight also helps in absorbing shock when you ride over bumpy paths.

But a BMX bike is better for shorter distances, which isn’t only due to their weight. Other factors are also involved in deciding why BMX bikes are not good for long distances.

Why Are BMX Bikes Not Good For Long Distance?

Why Are BMX Bikes Not Good For Long Distance

Here are the major reasons why BMX bikes won’t be suitable for long-distance commuting:

Uncomfortable Seating

Riding in a standing position is the most important factor to consider for moving fast. But when commuting on a BMX bike, your body will want to go in a sitting position, and that won’t be possible.

You can’t easily extend your legs by sitting on the seat, while this type of seat is only a formality and doesn’t offer comfort.

Single Gearing Issue

You will find hardly 55” gearing in a BMX bike, meaning a full circle of pedals will move you in a forward direction. By increasing the number from 55 to above, you will move farther and need more effort to increase the speed.

Whereas a bike has a single speed with almost 65” to 75” gearing, making it easy for you to travel and reach your destination.

No Rack And Fenders

There are only a few accessories in BMX, while fenders and a rack are quite important but are hard to find in the right size for 20” wheels. In case you find the rack and fenders for your BMX wheels, it won’t be easy to mount them.

Unfortunately, if you mount them successfully, every time you want BMX riding, it will be necessary to take them off.

Brakes Are Less Powerful

Though BMX bikes are good for short distances, their brakes are weak and only work enough to reduce speed with a little correction. However, there is no chance of an emergency stop.

Also, BMX bikes do not have a front brake, which is necessary for powerful braking and shifting toward the center of gravity. To ensure following safety standards, you must apply brakes from quite a long distance.

Small Frame Size

It is not easy to do pedaling for longer as your thigh and legs feel extremely exhausted. At that time, you only need to stretch your legs for some time, but BMX bikes do not permit this due to their small frame size.

You can only relax by adjusting your BMX to a stand-peddle. To gain maximum speed, you will need to peddle faster in a standing position which is excessively tiresome.

Handlebars Are Tiring

BMX bikes do not offer comfortable handlebars. If you travel long distances, your hands, arms, and shoulders will feel senseless.

How Far Can You Go On BMX Bikes?

As it is obvious, BMX bikes are not a good option for long distances, but you can ride them to commute for 10 to 12 miles in a day.

You get enough speed, and their lightweight can make you feel like you are flying in the air. However, the power applied by the legs will be exhausting. You will need to spend maximum strength to peddle your BMX bike.

How Far Can You Go On BMX Bikes

These are designed for races that are only 1 km and work best on BMX tracks. You can easily peddle on those tracks for 1 to 2 hours and will get more fun on ramps and dirt jumps.

Where Do BMX Bikes Are Bad For Traveling?

If you are planning to travel uphill and road on a BMX bike, quit the idea. You can’t imagine the hard work you will have to do to move uphill, especially if it’s a long distance. Even the great cyclist hates riding uphill on BMX bikes due to the massive required effort.

This is usually due to their small size, requiring you to stand while pedaling. Your back will get strained, and this will definitely lead to severe spinal injuries.

The other issue is their weak brakes that will cause enough trouble and make it dangerous to travel uphill.

Where Do BMX Bikes Work Well For Long Distance?

Where Do BMX Bikes Work Well For Long Distance

At some long distances, BMX bikes work just great but comparably less than normal bikes. If you are habitual of off-road traveling, riding BMX won’t be a bad choice for you.

BMX bikes are excellent off-road due to their lightweight tire types and handling on bumpy terrain. However, it is still not recommended to ride BMX for long distances.

Is It Possible to Convert BMX Bike For Long Distance?

Luckily, if you want to commute long distances on BMX bikes, you can introduce some modifications to suit your needs. Though you won’t get the most relaxing experience, it will improve.

Is It Possible to Convert BMX Bike For Long Distance
  • The first thing you must consider is the quality of the seating. It should be padded or have proper cushioning. Then comes the height of the seat. Keep the seat at a certain height where you feel comfortable. It won’t be able to attain the height of a normal bike, but still, you can make it a little more suitable.
  • Changing the tires is a great idea from off-road to road tires to travel long distances. You will enjoy riding, but you will get the worst experience on muddy surfaces due to poor grip.
  • Lastly, you can introduce U-brake on the back wheels of your BMX. However, make sure to test the brakes to avoid any unwanted surprises. If there is already a brake on the back wheel, there is no need to install U-brake.

Are BMX Bikes Good For Daily Commuting?

Even if you have converted your BMX bike for long distances, will it work for daily commuting?

Using BMX for commuting is a great choice for people who want to save money, and you can comfortably commute regularly. However, you will face difficulty while riding uphill or on paved surfaces.

Due to their small size, you can pack them to carry on public transportation. A BMX bike is larger than a skateboard or foldable bike, but you can easily bring it inside the bus or train.


Are BMX Bikes Fast?

Among many fast bikes, BMX is one which you might notice in MBX competition. However, on average, a BMX bike can reach 35mph. On the other hand, a mountain bike can hit up to 30mph, which is comparably less.

Is BMX Bike Better Than Mountain Bike?

If you want to do tricks while spinning your bike on the tracks, BMX bikes are the best option. However, a mountain bike is the most suitable option for enough workouts and riding on rough paths.

What Bikes Are Good For Long Distance?

Riding on BMX bikes for long distances isn’t recommended for several reasons. However, there are other convenient options you can try. Other bikes can be expensive, but you can get benefits for long distances. There are the following bikes for farther rides:

  • Road Bikes
  • Cyclocross
  • Gravel Bikes
  • Mountain Bikes
  • Hybrid Bikes.

Wrapping Up

So, if you aim to commute regularly for short distances, BMX bikes are ideal to choose from. While for long-distance, BMX bikes are not really good. The design doesn’t allow them to work efficiently for long distances, but with some changes, you can convert them into the form you need.

However, investing in a mountain or a road bike is good if you want to travel long distances.

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