Depending on the material, North Face backpacks made of recycled polyester are washable in cold water with mild detergent while keeping the centrifugation low in the washer. The cleaning will get rid of dirt and debris to protect the backpack fabric.

In this guide, we have shared a step-by-step procedure to wash North Face backpacks without damaging their fabric. Read out to learn more.

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Can I Put My Backpack In the Washing Machine?

Yes, most North Face backpacks are washable by hand and in a washing machine. However, not all materials are safe to wash and require different cleaning treatments. If you are machine washing your backpack, always turn on the gentle cycle and add mild detergents.

Never exceed centrifugation over 800 RPM and a time limit of over 20 minutes. If your backpack is made of recycled polyester 600D, put it inside a cotton bag before machine washing. Here is the list of materials of North Face backpacks that are washable or shouldn’t be washed in the washing machine:

  • Nylon is made of 100 to 1000D (denier) and can tolerate the washing machine’s gentle cycle.
  • The polyester backpack is made of 600D polyester and can be washed in the machine on a gentle cycle and cold water.
  • The canvas backpack is washable by hand but unsafe in the washing machine.
  • Vinyl/Leather backpack is unsafe to wash, but you can hand wash them with water and vinegar.

How To Wash North Face Backpack? By Hand

The best way to wash the North Face backpack is by hand to keep the material intact without damage. It is good to clean your backpack regularly to avoid dirt and debris build-up. But before you get into washing, consider all the safety tips.

Gather cleaning supplies and secure all the straps tightly. Here are some materials you will need during the process:

  • A dirty North Face backpack
  • Large tub
  • Mild detergent (Without bleach)
  • Old toothbrush
  • Towel
  • Hanger
dirty North Face backpack

Step 1: Check Cleaning Instructions By Manufacturer

You must know all the instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure safe cleaning. You will find a label providing detailed advice on the safe ways to wash a North Face backpack. You will get information about the material, whether it is washable, the type of detergent, and the temperature limit for safety.

Step 2: Pre-treat Stains on Your Backpack

  • Once you have read the instructions, empty your backpack.
  • Clean the dirt with a paper towel or take a wet towel to wipe the dirt from its inner pockets.
  • Try to remove most dirt by repeatedly shaking your backpack and wiping all corners.
  • Wipe each part and picket of a backpack with a towel 2 to 3 times before soaking it inside a cleaning solution.

Step 3: Wash It With Mild Detergent & Cold Water

As North Face backpacks are specifically made for hiking and camping, it is common to get tons of dirt on them when you walk through different terrains. If wiping dirt with a towel doesn’t help because your backpack is too dirty, you must make more effort.

  • Take a large tub or fill your bathtub with cold water.
  • Make sure water is enough to soak your backpack.
  • Keep it submerged for some time to try your best to clean it without cleaning agents.
  • Gently rub stains or loosen up some dirt with a toothbrush.
  • If the stains are stubborn, use a mild detergent.
  • Scrub the backpack with a soft sponge or old toothbrush to remove stains.
  • Ensure stains from straps, pockets, and all backpack areas are removed.
Note: Avoid using cleaners containing bleach.

Step 4: Rinse Thoroughly & Dry It

  • After washing, thoroughly rinse your backpack to remove the detergent and remaining dirt.
  • It is better to rinse with cold water for the safety of the fabric.
  • Use a hanger to hand your backpack to air dry.
  • Avoid hanging it in direct sunlight as it will fade away the color or shrink the fabric.
Leave your backpack for 24 to 36 hours to dry naturally without applying tricks for quick drying.

Step 5: Finish Up With Waterproof Spray

Once your backpack is fully dried, apply waterproof spray on its outer surface. The spray will act as protection against future stains or spills.

Finish Up With Waterproof Spray

How To Wash North Face Backpack In Washing Machine?

If hand washing doesn’t help get rid of all stains, you can put your North Face backpack inside the washing machine. However, follow all the careful measures to avoid damaging your backpack.

Follow these steps to wash the North Face backpack in the washing machine:

  • Check the tag on your backpack displaying instructions about if it is machine washable.
  • If it is safe to wash in the machine, treat easy-to-remove stains with mild detergent and a sponge.
  • Leave the cleaner on stains for 5 to 10 minutes before putting the backpack in the machine.
  • Keep the backpack in a mesh laundry bag or pillowcase to prevent sagging.
  • Turn on the gentle cycle on the washing machine after adding cold water and a mild cleaner.
  • After completion of a cycle, rinse your backpack without wringing it.
  • Hang it to air dry or use a dryer while keeping the heat at the lowest.
How To Wash North Face Backpack In Washing Machine

Can You Put A North Face Backpack In The Dryer?

If the material of your North Face backpack is recycled polyester 600D, you have options for machine washing, dry cleaning, or spot cleaning. However, considering the material and condition of your backpack, you should use a dryer. In most cases, it is unsafe to use the dryer, and it is better to hang it for drying.

If you use a dryer, always keep the heat setting at the minimum to prevent damage to the fabric. Also, avoid using a hair dryer on the North Face backpack.


How Do I Know If My Backpack Is Machine Washable?

Understand the material of your backpack; you can know if your backpack is safe to wash in the machine. Most nylon and polyester backpacks are machine washable. Leather backpacks are unsafe in the washer.

Is The North Face Backpack Water Proof?

Yes, North Face backpacks made of nylon or recycled polyester 600D are 100% waterproof.

How Do You Clean A Backpack Without Washing It?

Simply shake out all the dirt from the inside of your backpack. Loose dirt and crumbs will easily fall off by shaking. You can also use a brush with soft bristles to rub on stains gently. If you don’t have a brush, wipe the stains with a dry or wet towel.

Wrapping Up

Washing a North Face backpack is essential to keep it clean and in good condition. Fortunately, if your backpack is made from polyester, you won’t have a problem washing it. However, following the manufacturer’s and other safety instructions is highly recommended to maintain your backpack properly.

We hope the guidelines will help you clean your backpack to ensure its durability.
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