Considering this fantastic product, you might be curious about how long does lifestraw last?

Since most consumers think about a product's lifespan before making a purchase, We choose to analyze the Lifestraw lifespan and provide some practical advice for extending its lifespan.

What Is Lifestraw?

The Lifestraw is a straw with a hollow-membrane filter integrated into it. After inserting the straw into the liquid, you sip. Water is forced through the filter by sucking it up via the straw.

What Is Lifestraw

The filter, which costs around $20 and has a 1000-liter lifespan, eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and 99.9% of protozoa, down to 0.2 microns. Not bad, would you say?

Although that's excellent, it won't eliminate tiny minerals, chemicals, or viruses.

Even if you're merely filtering river water to be healthy, this isn't necessarily a deal-breaker because most water will be fine.

However, the third world is infested with viruses. Before the invention of the gadget, you would need to take iodine or other medications to lower your chance of developing viral infections.

What Is The Lifespan Of Lifestraw?

The Lifestraw will last 2-3 months before the filter has to be replaced, depending on how often it is used.

The quantity and frequency of water filtering determine the longevity of a Lifestraw. Up to five years after being kept, a Lifestraw can be used without risk.

If one person uses a Lifestraw Personal daily to drink water, it will last for 264 gallons or 40 days.

Lifestraw replacement filters need to be changed after about 1,000 liters (264 gallons) of water filtration since they can purify an average amount of water in around 20 seconds.

The Lifestraw is strong and can be placed firmly without fear of wear and tear. However, the batteries would need to be replenished regularly.

Does Lifestraw Save Money?

Since you no longer need bottles while using this product, you save money and the environment. Because Lifestraw has been rigorously tested by US EPA standards and includes no chemicals like iodine or chlorine bleach, you can always enjoy safe drinking water.

The Lifestraw Personal uses no iodine, chlorine, or other chemicals to filter up to 1000 liters of toxic water.

Does Lifestraw Ever Go Bad?

Does Lifestraw Ever Go Bad

Although Lifestraw devices don't have a set expiration date, they suggest utilizing them within 3-5 years to get the most out of their filtration capabilities.

Even if the product has been carefully preserved and left unused for those years, some parts start to deteriorate and may fail once it is utilized.

The hollow fiber membrane used in Lifestraw's design, which is strong and free of breakable parts, is one of the main reasons it has no set shelf life.

A shortened lifespan and parts about to expire will result from improper storage of the Lifestraw.

How To Increase The Lifespan Of Lifestraw?

Here are a few tips to assist your Lifestraw's performance and increase its longevity.

Clean After Every Use

You may lengthen the life of your Lifestraw by performing proper maintenance and upkeep.

For the Lifestraw to last as long as possible and to continue receiving clean water, you should always clean it according to the instructions that come with your particular device.

For Long-Term Storage

  • Enter the Salt Solution. 2 cups of water and one teaspoon of salt should be added and mixed in a reusable container. Take a few sips of salt water while holding the bottom cap open until the mixture fills the top mouthpiece. Close the caps to prepare for storage and keep the saline solution inside.
  • Store. Put the water filter straw in a reusable container, then keep it somewhere
  • Use. Blow any residual solution from your water filter straw out of the filter before using it again. The initial few sips of water should be spiffed up because they can still taste salty.

Store Adequately

After washing, you should keep the Lifestraw somewhere dry, ideally at room temperature.

The time the product will endure before needing to be replaced will shorten if it is stored somewhere cold or hot.

Replacing Filters

Changing the filters once they've filtered the maximum water possible is crucial because each filter has a capacity limit.

Using outdated filters might shorten the lifespan of the Lifestraw and cause problems like clogged straws.

What Indicates When to Change Your Lifestraw?

When the Lifestraw filter stops flowing freely, that is the greatest sign that it needs to be replaced.

If the flow rate suddenly drops, the straw is either blocked or has filtered as much as it can before needing to be replaced.

Before replacing any components, We would advise thoroughly cleaning the straw. It is normal to have a blocked lifestraw when water flows through the mouthpiece slowly, but it returns to normal after the lifestraw is properly cleaned.

Why Does Lifestraws Fail to Function?

If your Lifestraw stops working, the water filter has to be changed, or there are air bubbles that need to be released.

You can use the instructions to unclog a lifestraw to resolve a halt typically brought on by clogging.

Some Tips To Use A Lifestraw

Some Tips To Use A Lifestraw
  • It takes many sucking motions to force the water through the straw once it has been entirely drained.
  • When the straw stops sucking up water, blowing into it again from the mouthpiece will clean the filter and allow water to be sucked up easily.  You would need to blow back into murky water more frequently.
  • You can sip directly from a water source (such as a stream, mud puddle, or lake) with the LifeStraw, but be aware that the ground can be wet. Of course, filling up your water container in the creek, adding the LifeStraw, and then drinking that way is a more practical method to get a drink.


To be clear, we look at Lifestraw from a consumer's perspective rather than as a device for disaster aid or curing third-world diseases.

The Lifestraw Family, a bigger (but still portable) filter designed for home usage that eliminates viruses, gives ample capability in those circumstances.

I hope this article has clarified how long a lifestraw lasts and how to use one.

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