From their names, you may consider CR123 and CR123A different just due to the letter "A." Thinking so is not right, as these lithium batteries have distinctions that make each special.

Are you confused with 'CR123 Vs CR123A'? We have discussed the features of both these batteries in detail; keep scrolling to hit the best.

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CR123 Vs CR123A - What is the Difference?

If you struggle with the 'CR123 Vs CR123A' to choose the best one, this guide will clear all your doubts. After reading it, you'll learn what category suits you the best. Let's get started with learning the difference!

CR123 Lithium Batteries

CR123 Lithium Batteries 

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CR123 cells are perfect for high-performance electronic devices due to their high voltage, 3V. The diameter of each battery is 18mm, so it is best for users owning devices that can easily accommodate this size.

The CR in the name of this battery refers to 'Cylindrical Rechargeable.' It means these are easily recharging cells, and you can use them repeatedly by recharging them.

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CR123 cells are ideal for high-end cameras, flashlights, and other electronic devices. They will power these devices for a prolonged time with a single charge.

CR123A Lithium Batteries

CR123 Lithium Batteries 

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CR123A batteries have relatively less diameter and length, making them perfect for devices accommodating smaller cells. You can use these exclusive batteries for any of your small electronic devices.  

The voltage of CR123A is relatively higher, i.e., 3.6V. It differs from the previous category in its length and diameter too.

CR123 Vs CR123A - A Brief Comparison

CR123 Vs CR123A

Both CR123 and CR123A are best-performing batteries with unique features. Their distinguishing features make them ideal for a particular user. Here is a brief comparison of all their features. Let's explore them one by one!


CR123 and CR123A have a slight voltage difference. The voltage of CR123A is 3.6V, a little more than that of CR123, i.e., 3V.

If you are a camper using a flashlight operating with a CR123 battery, you can use CR123 for it, too, but only if your torch can accommodate it. However, you can't reverse the process as an electronic device operating at 3.6V will not work with a 3V cell.

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Weight is another differentiating feature that divides CR123A and CR123 into two categories. The first one weighs a little bit less, 12g, than the second one, 15g. They differ just by 3 grams.

Dimensions and Size:

As mentioned above, CR123 is relatively lengthy and has more diameter than the other category, CR123A. CR123 has a diameter of 17mm and is 65mm in length.

CR123A, on the other hand, is 51mm long and features a diameter of 16.5mm. When purchasing batteries for your devices, make sure you choose the right diameter and dimensions to avoid post-shopping irritations.  

Usage of CR123 and CR123A:

From the above points, you may have noticed that batteries CR123 Vs CR123A have a slight voltage difference. The major difference is their sizes and dimensions.

To a device accommodating a CR123A battery, CR123 will not suit well. It is due to the difference in their length and diameter.

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Price Difference:

The purchasing cost of each type of battery largely depends on its size and dimensions. So, CR123A will be relatively more expensive than the other category, CR123.  

However, if you purchase batteries in bulk, their prices will be slightly different. Moreover, the marketplace also affects the buying costs.

Impact of Temperature:

Temperature-bearing capability is another fact that differentiates CR123 and CR123A. The maximum operating temperature range of the former is 55°C while that of the latter is relatively higher, i.e., 60°C.


Both batteries, CR123 and CR123A, have an equal lifespan. If you use them at the proper temperature and store them properly, they will work for up to 10 years.

However, the working conditions and how you store them largely affect their lifespan. Proper care will keep them in service for an extended time.


The safety measures of both the batteries, CR123 and CR123A, are almost the same. Use them at a moderate temperature and avoid voltage spikes during charging.  

If these cells bear severe environmental conditions, their lifespan will be shorter than the mentioned one. However, you can also invest in a good battery for your camping flashlight that will withstand harsh conditions.


CR123 and CR123A have almost the same chemistry, and both are lithium cells. However, they have slightly different Internal resistance and energy density.

You can charge CR123A faster than CR123 due to relatively low internal resistance and lower energy density.  


CR123 and CR123A also differ due to their capacities. Due to its relatively larger size, CR123 has a 3,000 mAH capacity compared to that of CR123A, 2,600 mAH.


As both CR123 and CR123A have almost the same chemistry, they offer equal performance. The only condition to keep in service is proper usage temperature and good storage.

Storage Terms

Both CR123 and CR123A will last long if you store them in a proper dry and moderate temperature place. Moreover, their original packaging is corrosion-proof, so consider storing them in genuine boxes.

Disposal Features

Using household disposal methods, you can easily dispose of the CR123 and CR123A batteries. Furthermore, you can call local recycling centers for this purpose.

So, Which One Should You Buy?

From all discussions, it is clear that both CR123 and CR123A slightly differ in size and capacity. So, the size of your device determines which one to purchase.

Due to their different diameters and dimensions, you can't use them interchangeably. That's why to invest in a battery that will accommodate well to your camping cameras, flashlight, or any other device.  


It is wise to explore batteries 'CR123 Vs CR123A' to decide which one is the best for your electronic device. Both these lithium cells have exclusive features which make them perfect for a special user.

Depending on the type of your device, choose the one lithium battery out of CR123A and CR123 wisely. Hopefully, the above features will help you land the best cell for your electronic outlets. Stay connected for more camping hacks


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